pre-thinking for 2014

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was G’s last day at his job – he should be home any moment now.  I have been off work today, helping my mom learn some handy tricks in Microsoft Office.  I am home and packed – we are off on a little overnight adventure. 

My mind is wildly overfull today.  It is the end of the year, and I need a big fat space of quiet time to ponder the coming year.  To pray.  To listen.  To write.  To dream.  It is one of my favorite things about passing into a new year, and I don’t want to miss it.  I have started reading Jon Acuff’s book, “Start – Punch Fear in the Face.  Escape Average. Do Work that Matters” in an attempt to gather some inspiration/ideas about what my 2014 writing goals/plan should look like.  I read the first half in one sitting last night – pretty good, since I have owned the book for many, many months without ever cracking its cover.  Oh the irony – buying a book called “Start” and then not starting it. 

In addition to a writing goal or plan, I’d like to dream about other goals – mostly people-oriented goals.  I’m a little confuzzled about that, with G starting a new schedule.  All I know for sure at this point is he won’t be starting at 4 AM anymore, which means we won’t be locked into an 8 PM bedtime anymore.  We are waiting to see what his schedule will look like.  The nature of culinary work is such that we can be sure:  his schedule will not match mine precisely.  He will work later than I do, for sure.  He will have some weekend hours and probably holiday work.  We are each going to end up having time off while the other is working.  We will have to figure that one out – we’ve been so inseparable that this will be all new territory.  He wants to get a gym membership, since culinary work won’t be as rigorous an exercise regime as his factory job has. He can work out while I’m gone.  I’m still pondering the best use of my time while he is at work – it won’t be a matter of getting bored or trying to fill it.  Rather, a matter of which items can I comfortably work in.  I’d like to not “max out” ever minute of my life in the coming year.  I’d like some slower spaces. 

I’m looking forward to the change and the adjustment, but the unknown of how our schedules will meld makes that not so simple or straightforward at this point.

It is a great problem to have. 


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