Christmas without reaching backward

Posted: December 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another Christmas has come and gone.  Today, as on pretty much every other Christmas I can recall, I spent time remembering Christmases past – where I was, who was with me, what was going on.  Traditions.  Changes.  Challenges.  Frustrations.  Surprises.  Struggles.  Joys.  My celebration of this holiday has changed continually over the years, but there has also been a beautiful thread of continuity.  Things matter to me now that once weren’t even a consideration.  Things that once were the biggest priorities for me once upon a time don’t even register on my radar now. 

I’m pleased to say that no part of me wants to go backward.  I remember the year that I got my “Thunderbolt” model horse and his rider, “Jane West,” but I don’t want to be that age again.  I remember the fun of playing family games with the kids at home in our jammies all day long on Christmas, and they were fun, but I don’t want to go back.  Each passage has contained its blessings, gems, and sweet memories, but none of them is enough to call my heart backward for more than just a little sentimental journey.

Today was a sweet day – slow, low key, full of quiet joy.  My expectations for it were pretty low, or maybe pretty laid-back would be a better descriptor.  I remembered over and over that God is good, and that I am blessed, and in the end, how can a day be any better than remembering those things, really?

I hope the day brought you some blessings.  If it was a hard day for you, I hope the relief is already flooding through you at its passing for another year. 

Praying about that very thing as I sign off to get some sleep.


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