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Posted: December 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

2013 is coming to a close (after today, only 7 more times of keeping the promise to write daily!  woo hoo!) Year’s end always sends me to the place of looking backward for the highlights and the lessons, as well as looking forward to the coming year.  The difficulty of trying to look backward this year is that there is the one HUGE thing (getting married) that tends to make it hard for me to remember any other things that might have happened.  This is a good problem to have.  I am not complaining, trust me. 

Still, a little scanning of my daily blogs helps stir my memory.  Stuff from 2013, neat and not-so-neat:

*Financial freedom – Near the end of 2012, a coworker helped me fix my finances.  While my adherence to the plan hasn’t been 100% all year, it has been pretty true.  And OH BOY does it ever work!  What a joy, to be able to get the car repaired when it was broken down, with zero stress.  What fun, to not sweat things like renewing the tags on my car.  And let me tell you, it came in DANG HANDY when planning the wedding – between the improved planning and the change in my living situation, I was able to do our wedding with ZERO DEBT.  Beautiful.  Adding G’s income to mine means we are able to give more generously than I’ve ever managed.  Let me tell you – THAT IS FUN.  Discipline is a rewarding thing, where it comes to money.

Speaking of the change in my living situation…

*Community living – I left my lonely apartment this year and moved in with friends.  I had made arrangements to do this well before G and I had any idea what the timeline might be for our getting married. I did it to work out of debt faster – or at least that was the original reason.  As quickly as I made the arrangements, I discovered that I didn’t even care about the money party – I was just so darn glad to be back to living with other people!  Many were shocked when I didn’t move out upon getting married, but G is also a community person.  Living with our friends has been the perfect solution for this part of the journey.  While the day may come when we’ll want to get our own place, for now we are as happy as happy could be where we are.  It is a beautiful way to live, and the financial part of it is just one small aspect of that.

*Running triumphs – This year, I ran 5 miles non-stop for the first time ever.  I ran up the Brady Street hill repeatedly one morning.  I ran up the Augustana hill many times one morning.  I completed the Bix, a 7 mile, hill-riddled course, without stopping to walk even once.  It was REALLY A FUN YEAR for running for me.  That being said, my running has taken a beating since the wedding.  We are adjusting our schedules.  G’s work schedule moved us to evening running, and life has a way of bumping running off the schedule when it’s done at that time.  I am excited that with his impending job change, there should be a return to regular running.  My body is begging for it. 

*Natural remedies – After many years of fighting spring and fall allergies, this is the year that I figured out how to beat them down using a neti bottle (something I’d have sworn to you I would NEVER IN LIFE try) and then keep them from returning by regular consumption of locally grown honey.  We are now trying regular consumption of coconut oil to try and help with brain health and preservation of memory.  Kefir is a regular part of the way we help our guts to do their job right.  The next thing to try:  natural gelatin.  I studied up on it awhile back and right this minute I don’t even remember what it’s benefits are.  But the container I ordered recently is here, so I’ll be re-studying and then adding that to our diet (and will share here or more likely over at the naked blog when I do.)

*Filing battle – looking back, I can see that I fought this war all year (and my desk currently reflects that the battle rages on.)  I’m doing better right now than I was doing this time last year.  Progress, not perfection, eh?  Pushing through.

*Visits – 2013 contained several trips to Kentucky, to visit the grandbaby and her folks…awesome stuff.  I spent a weekend at my son’s place in Ames and got to know his town a little better (still need to spend more time there).  I visited JPUSA a number of times – first to see G as girlfriend, then fiance, and then to go and move him here.  We have visited there just once since the wedding, due to the craziness of the schedule.  I’m already hoping for more time visiting all 3 of these places in the coming year.

*Attention Deficit Disorder – I have really battled my A.D.D. this year.  It’s a constant deal, with me coaching myself constantly to try and keep it together.  It is hard to focus on tasks and I make more mistakes than are acceptable to me.  I have not yet reached the point of looking into medication -still handling it with prayer and behavior modification tactics.  But this one has gotten harder, not better, in 2013. 

*So Tired – a large number of my blogs talked about being tired.  Part of that is the simple challenge of blogging daily, which has meant sitting up writing when I might otherwise be sleeping.  Being a newlywed has also meant less running time, less bike time, and more challenging schedule issues – all of this will add to the “tired” equation.  Hopefully in the coming year that will work itself out (as I keep doing my part and waiting on God for the rest) and it won’t be such a tired year.  But honestly, looking back even 10 years, I have ALWAYS written about being tired a lot.  So maybe it’s just who I am.

*Growth Explosion – in January 2013, I was at JPUSA in church one morning when a phrase that was clearly *not from me* came into my head – “on the trembling edge of a growth explosion.”  I wasn’t sure what it was speaking to at the time – was it about JPUSA?  Was it about me?  Was it about the larger Christian community as a whole?  Well, I can’t speak for others, but HOLY COW it has been a growing year for me!  Growth in the form of the healing of emotions and thought patterns.  Growth in relationships.  Growth in discipline.  Growth in openness.  Growth in boldness.  What a year it has been!

I’m sure there is more I could say from 2013, but we’ll leave it at that for now.  Notice:  I didn’t carry on and on about the wedding!  See…I DO have other stuff to celebrate!  But let’s be clear:  I am marking 2013 as clearly one of the very best of my entire life, and THAT, my friends, has G’s fingerprints all over it.  🙂

Here’s to the new year!  Let’s see what it has for us all!



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