ducking the conversation

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Oh, goody…we are in another wave of righteous indignation and warring words on the internet regarding the duck dude.  It took all of about five minutes for that whole raging debacle to make me tired of the world.

There are many issues being debated and lots of angles to look at, but all I can think to say to it right now is the following.

How amazingly impressive would Christians be seen as if we would get all up in arms about SOMEONE ELSE’s rights, rather than our own? 

Since when was following Jesus about yelling for my own rights?

What if our first concern, when debating these things, was about the possible casualties of the war, rather than on winning the argument?

What if we were to get as bent out of shape about all the OTHER things listed in the Bible as sins as we are about the one button-pusher?  You know…all the ones that most of us are guilty of regularly?

What if we threw our energy into passionately protecting the free speech of those whose ideas we detest, since free speech is such a big deal?

I don’t know everything, and I won’t pretend I do.  I’m not here to make anyone feel accused or guilty or somehow less-than.  Just one tired lady, wishing this culture didn’t have to turn into just one big standoff between people who cannot speak and reason together decently. 

Feeling like we all get it wrong more than we get it right – or at least I do. 


  1. Julie Bigham says:

    Amen, Karen! I am so tired of just focusing on the one button pusher! I have been saying for months, a sins a sin! And you are right we all are sinners on a daily basis, why are we so focused on just one.

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