mr. frosting-beard

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night was my grandbaby E’s first birthday, and there was a party.  Like many first birthday parties, it was a pretty big deal – her parents are still reeling at the mountain of gifts they get to pack into their car and take back to Kentucky with them when they go home.  It was a fun time for sure, with members of all sides of the family present.

My husband G is absolutely CRAZY about being a grandpa.  It is fun to watch him interacting with E – he turns into a great big kid.  Case in point:  frosting delight. Image

E had a “smash cake,” which fascinated her and filled her with joy.  She poked it.  She pounded on it.  She lowered her face to its edge for a bite.  She mutilated that sucker, and got happier by the moment as she did so, all while being photographed by her own paparazzi team of grandparents and an aunt. 

G just took pictures for a long time.  But eventually, he just couldn’t stay away.  My overgrown child of a husband had to go over and get in on the action.  He let her put her frosting-ed, gooey fingers in his mouth.  I don’t know what all happened, but he came back to our table with a full frosting beard – you only get a partial effect in the picture here.

When he came back to our table, I made “the mom face” at him, pretty much on automatic pilot.  But he cracked me up.  I love it that he cares more about enjoying the moment than preserving his dignity.

I’d like to be more like that.  Excessive caring about my dignity is why I can’t dance unless I’m alone, and why I don’t cut loose more often.  I’m glad for E that she has a grandpa who can happily get ridiculous with her, regardless of who is watching.  That is, in my eyes, a highly admirable character trait.

But then y’all KNOW how convinced I am that I married just the right man.


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