pondering 2014’s writing goals

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have three weeks left to fulfill my promise to write every day in 2013.  I’m feeling pretty good about that!  As the year winds up, I begin to turn my attention to 2014. 

It didn’t take me long in 2013 to come to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to make the “write every day” commitment next year.  It’s been a useful experiment, a helpful learning tool, and an interesting discipline.  I think I needed to do it, to get myself into productive mode and out of the habit of sometimes going weeks between writing anything other than grat lists and stuff for work.  I think I have conditioned the “mind muscles” needed for working toward more purposeful writing – you know, trying to get published. 

Still, writing every day has meant that a lot of days I wrote basically junk, just to say I had written. 

Writing every day meant frequently putting something out there that had zero proofreading or editing done – and that is darn humbling, as I go back to reread and start cringing at errors and omissions of every sort. 

Writing every day has meant a lot of nights of nodding off between words, sometimes so tired that I couldn’t coherently understand what I had written if I tried to back up a sentence or two before writing the next phrase. 

Writing every day has been a big imposition on my new marriage – my very sweet, patient, supportive and understanding husband has waited many a night beside me while I try to hammer out some words (as is happening this very moment.)

Writing every day has meant I have often turned away coworkers/friends who wanted to join me for lunch, choosing instead to sit alone because I didn’t want to be writing at bedtime one more time. 

So!  I’m trying to work out the new plan.  Trying to think of a reasonable writing goal that WILL advance me toward getting published and will keep me true to the craft, without being quite such an imposition and nuisance in the coming year.  Thus far I haven’t had sufficient thinking/praying/sitting quietly doing nothing at all time to come up with that plan, and really, I do NEED all of those things – thinking, praying, and sitting quietly – before I can come up with a plan I can buy into fully.  Here’s hoping that life will open up some little windows for that in the next month or so. 

A few of you out there are wordsmiths that I greatly respect; if you have any thoughts you’d like to share as I work this out, I’d welcome the input!

Some of you are prayer people – I’d sure appreciate my little item-of-very-little-consequence being added to your list, if you’re so inclined. 

And to those of you who go out of your way to encourage me along the way:  THANK YOU.  That really helps me not to feel like I’m just delusional in continuing to put my work out here on the interwebs. 


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