decorating done

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

We decorated for Christmas tonight.  It was a very small project, since we just have the one room.  I dug out the 2 strings of light we had left over from the chuppah at the wedding.  We borrowed some fake evergreen garland from our friends with whom we live.  I picked up a string of gold tinsel garland, and a plastic container of 15 various sparkly bulbs.  We just did one wall – it is our “accent” wall, being a darn chocolate/red color, while the others are cream colored.  We strung everything up together and the effect is a major “ooooh,” especially with the other lights turned down low.  The beauty of just doing a wall is that it doesn’t take up any more space in the room.  Our friends offered to loan us a little tabletop tree, but to be honest, that would just be one more thing, and our room is really at the not-one-more-thing point.  Items hung on the wall don’t further disturb our moving-around space, so they win the day. 

We are feeling our way through this business of holidays.  On my part, what with all the many moves and my kids grown up and both living far away, I don’t have a lot that is firm in my mind as a “holiday tradition” and G seems to be glad to roll with any old thing I might want.  He was wonderfully patient tonight as my “controlling woman” side came out in full force during the hanging of the lights.  It’s a good man that can keep on smiling and enjoying the process when his wife suddenly needs to decide certain things right down to inches.  It’s a good man that can be happy with me afterward, enjoying the view and not irritated at the “working together” process.  

Next we will have to navigate where we go and what we do over the various parts of the holiday.  I don’t yet have a clue, but I’m looking forward to figuring it out…and to the fun of seeing G enjoy each part of it as well. 

Yeah, I’m kind of all warm-fuzzies today.  Hope I’m not wearing on those of you who are taxed by the whole month – I have felt some of that in some years past, but this one’s looking to chase my holiday grumpies away. 

I’m grateful for that. 


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