Posted: December 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

G and I just returned from Kentucky about half an hour ago.  What a great visit we had!  It was short, but it was worth the drive. 

I had what is now to me an old familiar feeling as we rolled into Rock Island:  a pondering of the question, “What is ‘home’ to me?” 

Our room in our friends’ house in Rock Island is home.  It is the space where our stuff lives, and where some of our best friends are.  The streets where we run and ride and drive are familiar.  Our workplaces are here.  Some of our family is near.

My daughter and son-in-law’s residence is home.  I ALWAYS feel like I am “coming home” as I navigate that narrow, winding road into Wilmore and schlepp overnight bags through their front door. 

JPUSA is home.  A part of my heart lives there always, and is always drawn there.  The friends there are definitely family.

My son’s place in Ames is home.  I walk in and feel like I’ve always been there. 

My parents’ house in Aledo is home, though I never lived there. 

I have lived WAY too many places by this point in my life to attach the word “home” to just a location.  Home is a feeling, a warmth, a welcome, a fitting in.  Home is comfort.  And having G beside me, wherever I go?  That deepens the “home” feeling, wherever I am.

Feeling blessed tonight.  Signing off to enjoy the comfort of home.





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