notes from wilmore

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tonight I am writing from the home of my grandbaby and her amazing parents in Wilmore, Kentucky.  We arrived at midnight last night, hopped up on caffeinated beverages and not really able to sleep very well.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast with the family and my parents, who had been here for a couple of days and were leaving after the meal. 

It has been a lovely, quiet Saturday.  We have lounged and eaten and lounged and talked and lounged and watched the grandbaby and lounged and laughed and lounged and played board games and lounged and celebrated Chanukah together.  As you can see, it has been a very, very busy day of lounging.  We will enjoy the rest of our evening and then tomorrow after breakfast, it will be OUR turn to hit the road back to Illinois.  

The grandbaby is a truly wonderful little human being.  She is beautiful and smart and funny and cute and curious.  She was pretty apprehensive this morning about us, when she woke up and our air mattress was occupying every bit of her living room play space.  There were some tears and a bit of awkwardness for awhile.  But we were patient and gave her space to get used to us, and by this afternoon both G and I were able to pick her up, hold her, and play with her. 

She will be a year old next month.  I can’t believe how big she’s gotten since we saw her last.  I mean, we’ve been watching that happen in photos and videos and live chats, but seeing it in person – and feeling how big she is in our arms – is a whole other level of reality.  Her mommy notes that this 11 and a half months have gone so quickly – like a blink.  I nod and promise her – it keeps on like that.  You child’s childhood races by.  Oh, there are moments when it stretches out long, but mostly every time you turn around, they did some more growing.  I still remember the heaviness of my huge belly at 9 months pregnant with my kids. I remember my daughter at 11 and a half months.  It was about 5 minutes ago, though it was over 25 years ago. 

So one of these minutes, I’ll turn around and my grandbaby will be in school, and we will all wonder where the time went.  I’m awfully glad we get little windows of time with her like this weekend, along the way.  Gotta treasure those well. 

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    So thankful you & Gary did get to trek to Kentucky! It is so fun to spend time with the grandbabies and to play and have fun with them. I pray you return trip was good although goodbyes are always bittersweet.

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