Posted: November 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Gary and I are headed for Kentucky soon.  He gets off work in a couple of hours and then we will move on down the road.  It is about a 9 hour trip, but it’s a pretty painless one – the only not-so-fun spots are Indianapolis and Louisville, but neither one of them is *scary* – just the kind of stuff that makes one really pay attention.  Gary has never been to Kentucky, which he habitually calls “Tucky” as one of his closest friends who is from there calls it that.  It is funny to hear a guy with an eastern accent using southern slang. I’m looking forward to corrupting him further by introducing him to Ale8one, a yummy dentist’s nightmare sort of beverage. 

We will arrive there in the dark, but the drive home Sunday should afford him some pretty views as we leave.

We are very excited about visiting the kids and the grandbaby.  Now we will see if the bit of FaceTime we have done has been enough to make her not afraid of us.  We are preparing ourselves to be reasonable and not insist on being able to hug and hold and smooch all over her.  But who knows?  Maybe she’ll recognize us and we can get a little of that.  Never know!

I took today and Monday off (and of course yesterday) so I’m on quite the run of work-free days.  It’s a busy season, so in my head I keep going to work and picking at the to-do list.  I expect I’ll end up at work really early Tuesday morning.  

Time to pack the car.  Got our clothes and such, and also a huge picnic basket of munchies which I am hoping will be enough to keep us from needing to buy food on the road much.  Might save money and will certainly save time.  

Does this count as writing?  It probably shouldn’t.  But I’m gonna give myself mercy and count it anyway.  The laptop is going with us, so I expect to report in here as usual tomorrow.  

Whether you’re out shopping among the brawlers and grabbers or hiding away for the day or back to work, I hope gratitude has followed you from yesterday into today.  Some hangovers are nice to have.



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