Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

I love it that we can take the Thanksgiving holiday and make it ours – let it be the celebration we want it to be.

I love it that we don’t lose the holiday when our eyes are opened and we understand that Christopher Columbus was not a good man.  The holiday doesn’t have to be about Columbus.  I love it that we don’t have to give it up when when we have a clearer view of the awfulness of relations between Native Americans and white intruders, at the founding of our countries.  That we can acknowledge that there was a heck of a lot of shadiness going on – enough that I for one am no longer excited to teach kids about “pilgrims and Indians” at all – but Thanksgiving doesn’t have to go into the garbage bin in the process.

I love it that I can grab Thanksgiving and let it be just that – GIVING THANKS.  That I can meet the holiday with a glad and grateful heart, not so much with nationalistic breast-beating about the “greatest country in the world” and all that, but just gratitude for my life.

My heart has been full today as I consider the wealth of my blessings.  I say it often on my grats list and I’ll say it here:  we live lives of great luxury.  Homes, and not of the dirt-floor kind.  Heat.  Lights.  Running water.  Stuff to do.  The ability to get there.  Enough to eat, and a variety of that, to boot.  Basic safety – I pretty much NEVER worry as I walk out my door that I might be grabbed away for human trafficking.  Great luxury.  I live it daily, and God is faithful in helping me to keep my heart soft, open, grateful, aware, full. 

My prayer for you tonight as I head off to sleep:  that gratitude will fill your heart so full that it aches that sweet, slow ache that we most love to feel. That’s what I’ve been enjoying today, and I am sure there is enough of it to go around!


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