make love, not war – remix

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Make love, not war.  ~the 60’s

But what if, sometimes, war IS love?

Don’t let me lose you right away.  I am actually not referring to military endeavors at all.  I’m not touching that subject.

When someone is going down a road that is destructive to himself and others, isn’t it *sometimes* love for me to stand in the middle of that road and point out that he’s about to careen off a cliff?  That’s gonna be perceived as war, quite often.

When someone is dealing with me in a way that damages my relationship with her, isn’t it generally more loving of me to confront the issue, at the risk of great pain but in hope of restoration, rather than just turning my back in retreat?

When I can see that someone is in a dangerous place in his life, shouldn’t I immediately launch into serious prayer for him? 

When someone is in need but unlovely, repulsive, or scary, shouldn’t I still extend compassion and resources toward filling that need? 

When my place of brokenness intersects with that of someone else’s, shouldn’t I open the book of my life and share enough to give her a handle to hold on to? 

If you don’t think these things are *war* then I would challenge you to reconsider.  Maybe you’ve not been the one headed down the road, the one dealing badly, the one in a dangerous place, the one in need, the broken one.  Maybe you’ve somehow not even ever loved someone who was.  But those of us who have been and/or have loved someone who was…we will testify.  These are acts of war, of serious aggression against darkness.  These are the GOOD part of war, where someone is rescued, saved, set free maybe. 

As for me, I’m aiming to hold on to my war-like nature.  It’s one of the best tools He ever gave me. 


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