fighting challenges with a blessings perspective

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was another challenging day, with the challenge coming from an entirely different source on a completely different front.  It was another hit of the magnitude that could turn a person into one big giant complaint.  And I’m not gonna lie – I DID go there for awhile – spent some time really ranting. 

But in the end, there are many reasons to be grateful. 

G and I are not divided on this.  We are both on the same side, not fighting against each other or holding resentments as we battle this one. (It’s not a huge mystery – just boils down to: decisions made by his employer have either radically altered or completely canceled our holiday plans to visit the grandbaby and her amazing parents.)  As usual, I am ready to support him in whatever he does, and he is ready to roll with whatever I want.  It’s cool, how we roll like that.

My main reason for being upset today was my concern for G.  I mean, I was bummed about the effect of said events on me, but the biggest worry I had was how he was taking it.  G’s main reason for being upset today was his concern for me.  For sure, he is unhappy about the turn of events for himself as well, but the center of his focus was how to mitigate the effects of the issue for me.  See how that works?  Ain’t love grand?

It’s another case of, as a friend says, “our problems are in our blessings.”  Lots of people would be glad to have the dilemma of a job keeping them from anything at all…just to have a job. 

We will get to see the grandbaby and her parents in a few weeks (this greatly helps with the ache of this trip being shorter or possibly not at all.)

We are part of an emotionally healthy family that will not choose to blow up the world over this turn of events that is not under our control.  Every day, all day long, there are families going to war with one another over similar issues.  Tears, guilt, accusations, recriminations, game playing.  I have absolutely zero worry that this will be the case for us.  Emotionally healthy family rocks.

We have a great backup plan for Thanksgiving – we can go celebrate with my sister and her family.  G knows them well, but has not been to their home yet or met their many pets (including Chester, the wonderfully crabby jerk of a cat who used to live in my house). They are glad to welcome us.

There is still some chance we might get to make the trip on Friday night, maybe, if he doesn’t have to work Saturday – all hope is not yet lost for the weekend.

And then there are about a billion usual reasons to be grateful, but you’ve been paying enough attention to everyone’s Facebook gratitude lists to know that, eh? 

So!  Though I was making livid statements earlier today, at bedtime I find myself at peace.  God is good.  He will work this all out for good, no matter what circumstances seem to be on the surface. 

Here’s to getting a good night’s sleep.  And believing that tomorrow doesn’t have to be the third day in a row of great big bummers.






  1. Pam Spangler says:

    I probably won’t get to see my grandson either but mine is the ugly you talked about. Still believing God will turn it around for us! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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