a giver’s heart

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are in a diner in a small town, our bellies full of the kind of comfort food that is most certainly not on my list of “good choices.” We are grinning at each other like the lovesick newlyweds we still are, and I’m trying to tell Gary some ridiculous story from my past. Suddenly I realize that he’s not really tuned in to my story at all. He is fully tuned in to a conversation over at the counter. A loud old man is talking with two waitresses, who are explaining to him that a cup of coffee is $1.29. He’s counting the change in his hand and it doesn’t look like it’s going to come out well. Still, he counts on with determination.


Then Gary is standing up in the booth, waving his arms frantically over the wall partition that separates us from the counter. “We’ve got it! MISS! We’ve got it.” The waitresses stop amidst the escalatingly loud conversation, surprised. Gary grabs the $2 from my hand and hustles around the corner. He looks like he just hit the lotto, maybe not for a million dollars, but certainly for a thousand. He is beaming, his grin splitting his face, practically walking on tiptoes.


That was last night. Today, he overheard someone hitting up a parent for coffee money. Here came Gary, rushing in with the cash. There was an attempt to turn down his offer, which just made me laugh. “Let him bless you,” I said. “It’s like getting a Christmas present, for him.”


This is one of my favorite things about my husband – the joy he gets from giving, from noticing need and meeting it. In the 3 months we’ve been married, I’ve lost count of the times he has noticed someone I didn’t even SEE, and stopped mid-stride to approach them. “You okay, guy?” to the dude standing outside of Steak and Shake, staring off into the distance.  “Hey, are you hungry?” to the guy walking by us on the sidewalk. His radar is always up, always searching for the opportunity to change someone’s day.


I’d love to “grow up” to be like my husband in this. I don’t even NOTICE that people around me are struggling, half the time. Or when I do, often my first instinct is to assume that people want to be left alone, that they will be offended or annoyed or freaked out if I approach them. This idea never seems to cross Gary’s mind. And accordingly, no one ever seems to bother with being offended or annoyed or freaked out when he comes to check on them.


Funny how that works out, eh?


(This was my Saturday blog.  Now…to figure out today’s…)

  1. Pam Spangler says:

    You have an awesome husband God has sent you. Blessings Karen!

  2. Cindy Maynard says:

    While I believe we can all do better to notice those around us, Gary has a God-given gift! One of compassion and heartfelt kindness. God bless him!

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