pride of the not-cool kind

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I worked in some time to get my blog written earlier today, trying as usual to not get stuck composing at bedtime. And what I wrote, I WILL count as my writing today, but I am not posting it here. 

First, I had a second thought about just one of the sentences.  Maybe I should edit that one down, I thought.  Maybe that one is just bragging and is not really helpful at all.

Further thought caused me to re-examine the entire piece and see:  spiritual pride.  Karen trying to show how super spiritual and mature she is.  Stroking my own ego under the guise of discussing transparently something that is going on.

GROSS.  I imagine I have been guilty of that on here before, but this time I am sure, and I am so grateful that in His grace, He caught me before I could parade my pride around on the Interwebz.  So that one will stay in the “drafts” folder and you’ll just get to settle for this check-in tonight.

Gary and I are headed for a JPUSA visit this weekend, so maybe you’ll see me posting here the next couple of days, or maybe I won’t show up again until late Sunday or even Monday.  We’ll just see how it plays out.

Have a blessed weekend, all!


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