less afraid of feelings now

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

While we were away on our Marriage Encounter experience this past weekend, I got a chance to really think about the tremendous amount of healing God has done in each of us in just the short year-and-a-half of our official relationship (meaning, since we went from friends to more than friends).  It surprises me continually, how He uses us each for that healing work in the other. 

We picked up some pretty cool tools for communication at our weekend.  One of the neat things it did was help me move past some of my fear of feelings.  I have tended to try to focus AWAY from feelings quite often, and focusing more on actions, as feelings can so often be untrustworthy.  But the bigger reason was my fear that said if I try to talk through my less comfortable feelings, all I will do is mess everything up.  Hearing this may surprise you who read here, since I spend so much time writing about feelings, feelings, and more feelings…but I’m talking about feelings of the negotiating-a-relationship sort.  Interacting with EACH OTHER feelings, not just interacting with self and/or God feelings.  I have pretty much felt like putting the less-pleasant feelings out there would be basically blowing up my own world. 

I finally got some tools to help me move past that. My first attempts in fact DID NOT blow up my world at all. It’s a pretty neat thing.  I really, REALLY recommend the Marriage Encounter weekend, by the way.  Good investment. 

For those of you wondering where my weekend blogs are – there are none.  I wrote a lot over the weekend.  Most of it was just for my husband and some of it was just for me.  None of it is going up on the blog.  But I DID keep my promise to write daily, nonetheless.  7 weeks to go! 


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