headed out to a marriage encounter weekend

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I took the day off today, as G and I are going on a “Marriage Encounter Weekend” that runs tonight to Sunday night, courtesy of a coworker.  Actually, we weren’t sure we would be able to go, as G’s employer sometimes requires mandatory overtime on Saturdays, and he often doesn’t know until quitting time Friday what his Saturday status will be.  But we’ve been praying and waiting to see, and HALLELUJAH he has tomorrow off!  So we are off to a weekend in a hotel and some marriage enrichment exercises.  Today is his birthday, so I am hoping this will be a birthday-worthy event. 

It amazes me, how quickly a day off gets used up.  I just worked on all the stuff we try to accomplish over the weekends – chores like laundry and tidying up.  And squeezed in a run and a quick jaunt to the grocery store.  And then BOOM…I was out of time, G was off work, and where the heck did the day get to?  But it was fun to just be focused around here.  I do like a day of puttering around the house. 

I have gone on enough retreats to know not to waste any effort on guessing how this weekend will go.  It will be like I expect and not at all like I expect, and I will hear things I already know and will probably be surprised at parts of the experience.  I expect to come out richer on the other side, though I also have a list in my head of folks who have done these weekends and later divorced (much later…not like, the weekend caused the divorce or anything like that), so I understand that the weekend is not a magic pill we take to guarantee happily ever after. 

In the end, our “ever after” depends on both of us continuing to decide to keep loving and serving one another, methinks.  We can’t do a darn thing today to guarantee forever.  We just keep getting to do this minute, and this day, and letting tomorrow follow as it will.  Thus far, I am happily surprised at the changes in me – ways that I understand better how to play nicely, how to not be the same old selfish ass I used to be.  And G…well heck, the man is a saint.  I don’t think he COULD be not-nice. 

So far, ever after is taking care of itself just fine.


(Note, for those of you who are tracking whether I keep writing daily – my plan is to continue writing at the retreat, but I have no idea about the internet connection.  I may be posting tomorrow, or it might all have to wait for Sunday night when we get home.  Have a blessed weekend!)


  1. Sherri says:

    Praying you have an awesome weekend. I learn so much from your writing Karen. As an older single woman, I often worry I am too selfish to ever get married… after all I’ve been single my whole life. But, you give me hope. I resonate with some of what you write about “bitchy Karen”. There is definitely a “bitchy Sherri” and I so do not like her. 😛 I pray that as I continue to grow with the Lord, and learn from others around me I will be less so… and that someday I can be blessed with a man as wonderful as your G. Praying for you both this weekend friend!

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