trust amidst the struggle

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

“I need You to fix this, Lord, please.”

“I need You to fix this, Lord, please.”

“I NEED You to fix this, Lord, please.”

“I need You to fix this, Lord, PLEASE.”


One of my pastors shared this a couple of weeks ago: 

“The things that make us bitter or cause us to violate our character are the very opportunities God has given us to demonstrate and grow in Christ.”

This immediately rang true for me.  It is easy enough to look back across the landscape of my life and see all the places where I was screaming to be rescued, but in the end the thing I wanted to be rescued from was a “teacher” in my life – the delivery system of a lesson I desperately needed, or the sharpening tool that ground away my dullness and left me sharper, keener, more focused. 

Today my other pastor shared this bit, which I think goes with that above:

“We talk to God in our frustration as if He hasn’t done anything for us yet.”  He pointed out that we lose our awe of all that we are given, when we get focused on what we want that hasn’t materialized yet – no matter how good and worthy that something is. 

So true.  What He has given us is like a million dollar value, and we sit around complaining because we want a $20 bill. 

A challenge, for me and also for you, should you choose to accept it, for the coming week:  where we are struggling, let’s stop yelling for rescue and start looking for the lesson or gift in the midst of the struggle.  Where we don’t see answers yet, let’s stop and look hard at our tremendous pile of blessings. 

Just for this week.  We can go back to pissing and moaning and not trusting Him NEXT week, if we really want to.

Just a thought. 

  1. Learning to truly trust God with your life is what leads to the real peace and happiness we are all looking for. I have not arrived completely but God has brought me pretty far from where I first started. Good word Karen.

  2. Pam Spangler says:

    Karen; Thanks for again making me stop and really evaluate my life!

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