Posted: October 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

I deflowered my two strongest, prettiest African Violets today.  They had been blooming for many months – lots of flowers that hung in for a long time.  They have drawn attention and comments from many people visiting my office.

They do that.  For awhile.  It seephoto(8)ms to be a seasonal thing – they thrive, and then for awhile they stop doing blooms at all.  I am careful to only “deadhead” the ones that are actually crumbling.  But today it was clear:  the bloom is over for now.  So I sadly cut them all away, leaving those two plants to just be green leaves for however long they deem that season to be.  Next to them is a plant that started as a cutting from one of them – it has just begun blooming for the first time ever, though it is several years old by now.

People are often referred to as “sheep” in the Bible, but I’ve never been a shepherd or sheep farmer or whatever.  But gardening, whether flowers or vegetables, invariably makes me think about the way we are with God and the way He is with us.  I am for sure like my African Violets in this:  I go through seasons of “blooming” – opening, reaching, beautiful to behold.  And I also go through more dormant seasons, where nothing much seems to be changing or happening at all.  Where I’m not much to look at…where probably not many people are very inspired by my actions or words.

So I appreciate my flowers.  They remind me that the design of creation is a seasonal one.  It can’t always be spring…or summer, fall, or winter, for that matter.  Every season has its purpose.  I am not FAILING if I am not in “spring” mode.  My life is not without purpose if it doesn’t radiate the spectacular colors of fall.  He is teaching me, changing me, growing me.  He is adjusting my understanding and molding my soul and elevating my spirit.  It is enough that I am His.   My testimony will naturally not always be one that makes people ooh and ahh and ask for more.  Sometimes it will be humdrum.  Sometimes it may even feel like business as usual.

Would we love our flowers as much if they were radiant year-round?  I doubt it.  I think we NEED the barrenness of winter to keep us grateful for the beauty of the flowering season.  I think I will adore the blooms on my African Violets twice as much when they return, because I will have looked at those ordinary leaves for so many weeks or months or whatever.

Perhaps that’s one of the ways that He returns us to our “first love” for Him – He lets uphoto(9)s be a little hungry for the beauty of it in the dry seasons, eh?

He’s pretty smart.

And I’m a flower in His garden.

(This was Thursday’s blog – I continue to have internet problems at home – this is a “first world problem” and not really something to be upset about, eh?  So probably you won’t see Friday, Saturday, or Sunday until Monday.  Happy weekend!)

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    I loved this writing. I’ve thought about this exact subject many times, but could never put it as eloquently as you did. Bless you!!

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