what if i have no spouse to pray for me?

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I struggled with whether or not to write yesterday’s blog, for the simple reason that maybe it might make someone feel bad.  Having been single for so very long, I really empathize with people who are sometimes less than thrilled to hear any “this is how my marriage is great” kind of story.  One of my very first thoughts, as that blog was percolating, was to wonder if someone single might read it and feel “not covered” because of not having a spouse – if they might think, “what happens, since there is no one to wake up and pray for ME while I have bad dreams?” 

The thing is, clearly God is big enough to rescue us from anything.  ANYTHING.  I don’t think He was UNABLE to rescue me from my dream without Gary’s intercessory prayers on my behalf.  Really…He is the mighty, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-present creator of all things.  He doesn’t NEED us to pray, in order to fix things.  He is not somehow unable to touch a situation that is not being prayed over…right?  (It’s gonna take A LOT of Bible scholar arguing to convince me otherwise, folks!) 

Feel free to write and tell me why I am wrong, but what I think is this:  God invites us to pray for one another as a way of teaching us how to love one another. 

I have prayed for enemies or people who just irritated the snot out of me, and they have eventually ended up being valued friends of mine.  I promise you, I would NEVER have decided to care about them on my own.  It was the praying that made the change.

Like my husband, I have been awakened to pray for various people in the middle of the night.  My heart is tender for those people in a way that I couldn’t stir up by thinking emotional thoughts.  He did something IN ME by inviting me to pray for them. 

One of my most treasured possessions is a notebook page I call “the wall.”  On it is written so many names that most of them are almost unreadable.  It is from an extended, tear-filled overnight prayer session during my passage of working in a school.  The names are students I passed in the halls there daily.  Most of them will never this side of heaven know that I prayed for them at all, much less how hard and how often I have prayed for them or how many tears I have wept for them, back then and in the years since, and surely in the years ahead.  One of my greatest joys is imagining meeting them again in Heaven, despite all evidence that many of them were nowhere near that, the last time I had any contact with them – and it won’t even matter whether, like in some popular Christian songs, they know and bother to thank me.  I WILL KNOW and that wrecks me when I think about it. 

So, to my single friends:  I’m guessing that not having a spouse to wake up and pray for you doesn’t leave you abandoned by God.

And, to my friends married to unpraying sorts:  ditto. 

Here’s my challenge to you:  Don’t focus on the “what about me?” question.  YOU could be the one waking up, knowing to pray for someone, even if you don’t know why.  YOU could be the one with a soft heart, warmed toward those you would otherwise despise.  It happened to me, it could happen to you.  You could get this huge, huge blessing.  It’s expensive and painful and absolutely worth it, all the time.  You know how I know?  EXPERIENCE.

Focus not on “what about having someone to pray for me?” – instead focus on, “Lord, who do you want me to pray for today?” 

Try it.  PLEASE.  He’s waiting to show you things you maybe never knew before.  To give you gifts that will wreck your heart forever for smaller, lesser things.  

Just try it. 


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