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Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

With my husband being new to his job, he gets quite a bit less paid time off than I do.  Recently, I realized that means I can afford the luxury of an occasional day off for No Good Reason at All. 

I’ve never really done that before.  I’ve tended to be very greedy with my PTO, saving it up to use every possible second for being gone on big vacations and such.  Since I don’t plan to take big vacations without Gary, though, I don’t need to save up large chunks of days.  So!  Since my boss is out of town and I am reasonably caught up at the office, tomorrow is the perfect time for my first-ever spontaneous day off.  I’m pretty darn pumped about it!

It is timed perfectly – we have a busy weekend planned and stuff is starting to back up.  So this won’t be a sleeping-in and lounging-around day off.  I’ll probably just stay up after I get G off to work, and get busy.  My plans include:

  • A bike ride!  YAY!  That’s probably the first thing I will do after I get G out. 
  • A trip to our storage unit – I have summer clothes to stash, and need to pick up winter stuff.
  • A trip to goodwill – I’ve been culling stuff out of the closet and it needs to go somewhere.
  • A good, sound room-cleaning, including taking care of all those flat surfaces that I tend to pile with chaos and junk.
  • Cleaning the car really well.

That’s probably enough for one day, I suppose.  If somehow I end up with extra time to spare, I can always enjoy some extra writing time, or I have a book I really need to finish reading. 

So!  Happy Friday!  I’ll be in my jeans and bandanna.  Hope you’ll enjoy yours!



  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    While it is wonderful to spend time with my hubby, I always love those days when I can be alone and get lots of stuff done 😉 Enjoy yours!!! and then you can enjoy the weekend with your hubby!!!

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