on not killing a perfectly good husband

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

When Gary and I were dating, I worried about how our married mornings might go.  After all, I have some pretty strict criteria for making mornings acceptable to me:

  • little to no light
  • little to no sound
  • little to no motion
  • little to no evidence of others daring to populate my planet

I am not pretending that these are REASONABLE requirements.  Nevertheless, they are mine.

G, on the other hand, is a dyed in the wool morning person.  Cheery, chipper, quick-moving, smiley, talkative.  The very NOTION of this irritated me, and we had a number of conversations that ended with him earnestly promising not to wake me by ripping open the curtains or turning on loud music. 

After our wedding, though – and even after the honeymoon! – I was surprised to find that this was a non-issue.  Somehow getting married, it seemed, had cured me of my aversion to morning!  I would wake minutes or even often more than an hour before the alarm, and the first thing I couldn’t wait to do was roll over and turn on the bedside lamp.  This makes it possible for me to verify this amazing truth once again, wondrous every time to me:  Gary Buchanan is MY husband, sleeping in MY bed!  It lets me gaze at him and smile at him and feel my heart tug at his smile.  It lets me be all smoochy and cuddly and say all sorts of ooey gooey things about how surprised and glad I continue to be that he is no longer sitting in the corner of the JPUSA dining room at this hour, nor manning the desk – that I am no longer fumbling and misspelling texts to communicate with him from under the covers in my big lonely bed. 

No one has been more surprised at this change in Morning Karen than I have.  I had worried so much ahead of time that I was going to be some kind of controlling tyrant in the mornings, squashing my sunshiny husband’s pre-dawn grin.  But no!  Being a newlywed had changed my grim early morning countenance.  Weird.  But cool.

This even held true when he got a job with a 6 AM start time, requiring us to rise by 4:15 in order to get breakfast, devotionals and prayers in before we had to get him out the door.  Many mornings have found me switching on the lamp at 3:45 or earlier, the very first minute I am awake, so excited am I to get a little time with him before the alarm can disturb us. 

But then!  Cue scary music here!

Yesterday, G came home with news – he’d been asked to come in at 4 AM today.  He was full of apology as he broke this news to me.  I was all cool and mellow – we’ll do whatever we need to do.  We just have to be diligent to get to bed very promptly by 8.  I mean, I was not EXCITED about rising at 2:15 AM (which, for the record, in my books at least is not morning, but rather the middle of the night)…but it can be done.  And after all, once I got him off to work, I could sleep a little more before it would be time to get up and get ready for my own job.  

Let’s just say first:  I did NOT wake before the alarm this morning.  And when it went off, I kind of barely opened one eye and made miserable noises, mostly.  I made his breakfast as usual, but didn’t eat with him – can’t imagine eating at that hour. 

Here’s the thing:  something about that hour made him EXTRA PERKY this morning.  He tried to tickle me several times.  This earned him surly glares.  He made little jokes and talked in cutesy voices.  This earned him more surly glares.  He busted out into spontaneous poetry about the “black metal sky” when we headed outside to the car.  This prompted me to scowl as I trudged on ahead of him, with his hands lifted rapturously toward the heavens.  He waved and said, “Hi Mr. Deer!” to several among the group of deer we encountered on both sides of the street during our drive.  My reaction to this was to pretend he no longer existed. 

Apparently, Karen the Morning Hater DOES still exist, but somehow she expires after 3 AM or something.

I am blessed and pleased and proud to have a husband who is willing to get up and do the work at that hour of the day – many a husband will not. 

I am willing and even honored to get up and help and serve him a little before he heads out for a day of hard work. 

I am absolutely able to cope with the change in schedule, should it be a more-than-one-day thing. 

Just:  pray that Karen the Morning Hater doesn’t kill Perky Morning Gary, okay?  I’d hate to follow this precedent, no matter how much it made me gleefully laugh when I wrote it!  No need to unnecessarily and tragically execute a perfectly marvelous husband for the crime of One Too Many Funnies Before 3 AM, eh? 

Keep on smiling.  That’s MY approach for now! 

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