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Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The expectant mom sat at the front of the room with papers clutched in her hand.  Those of us who had gathered to celebrate her impending arrival had written on those pages, filling in the blanks for sentences that all began, “I hope you…” 

I hope you get ___.

I hope you learn ___.

I hope you love ___.

I hope you laugh ___.

And so on.  She was reading our answers aloud.  First it was in an “awwww” kind of voice, all sweet and with a trace of laughter.  Then it was more hushed.  And pretty soon, her voice was thick with tears.

Part of it was maybe her pregnancy hormones or whatever, but maybe not.  YOU try it, about someone you love.  Write a list of your hopes for them.  TRY to read it aloud without becoming filled with emotion.  I just can’t do it. 

Hope is a powerful thing.  Speaking hope into the life of another is one of the most powerful, loving things we can do.  There is LIFE in our words, when we do this.  There is transformation and healing.  There can be a “reset” kind of thing. 

We use our words wastefully, so often.  We chatter about nothing.  We complain.  We gossip.  We repeat the story of a problem or a conflict endlessly.  Those words can steal from our lives and from the lives of those around us.  But HOPE.  Oh, hope.  Hope sows beautiful seeds.  Hope ignites imaginations.  Hope helps others dare to dream.  Hope spreads love. 

We should spend a lot more of our days speaking words of hope.  I think we’d be amazed at how we would change, and how the world around us would change as well. 

I hope you give it a try.  🙂 

  1. Jaclyn says:

    I love this!! I am going to try it today.

    Sent from my iPhone


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