Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

keep me teachable, i pray
save me from the arrogance of supposing that i am the
most experienced
best trained
most educated
person in the room

keep me teachable, i pray
rescue me from the places where my wounds tend to
build walls
wrap razor wire
install guard dogs
and keep my hackles permanently up

keep me teachable, i pray
relieve me of the notions
that what i believe is the final answer
that shifting my perspective would be weakness
that i am the moral compass of the universe
that what i am accustomed to is correct
that what makes me comfortable is what is best

keep me teachable, i pray
willing to push through discomfort
willing to stand unflinching at the pain as my pride dies
willing to let someone else be right
willing to let my attitude be changed
willing to shut my mouth and just do

keep me teachable, i pray
for where i am not
that is the place where i am
(and perhaps even taking others down with me as i go)

keep me teachable, i pray
i am willing to be humbled
(even when i want to defend myself)
i am willing to practice patience
(even when i don’t feel it)
i am willing to do the next right thing
(even when it ticks me off)
i am willing to give up the last word
(even when i have to bite my tongue to hold it in)

keep me teachable, i pray
and i smile
because i know
He smiles


karen buchanan

  1. thredd says:

    a teacher who smiles and really teaches effectively in a manner which does not return back void or empty reciprocally i’d like to add perpetually right “here” – who figures out how [or lets us be involved in watching this process of this relationship? missing vernacular though i’m using a huge amount of “l e t t e r s] as if to say “i am going to really explain it so you arent embarrassed you can ask questions and not expect derision shame riddles collateral damage etc.” add more kind and gracious case specific never ending forevermore words there – however they are solid – words. for they are true and yet not confining like when algebra II became supermath scary and i went “ok book keeping here i come- and now i don’t recall how to do the times table.. hmmm- moving along- and the teacher is your friend and has also been around a lot longer than you. so no ethical problems there – and they’re not going to “put you in between a rock and a hard place with their own emotional baggage or the real rules in place which actually demand that they not meddle with your emotional baggage because back then ‘things were different’ and they were not allowed to intervene if they were not ‘absolutely 100 percent sure and if you were vague and already secretive and hiding a weird chemical habit dual- life then ‘oh well for you’ ” which you don’t understand because “my you’re a strange child aren’t you oh what class to put you in —” but this is in your head you are a grown ass woman at least you think you are foolin the 3 to 4 ppl you talk to in real life. but they know that prolly and better yet the teacher does and the smile is supercool at this point and it’s been there before you were first beheld by your mother or your father’s face – [so go back to beginning of the paragraph i’d say] oh + im thinking out loud btw i’m hoping you are smiling along with [some -all or most- of this : ) + and then think of all the other attributes of the teacher and now, finally – i respond simply to what you so nicely written –

    yes please and thank you.
    R. a side-passenger for the road

  2. laurie says:

    love this! What a great daily – all day long – prayer. TY!

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