dinner and big screens

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night G and I went out for dinner, using one of the many gift cards we received for our wedding.  It is a wonderful thing, our little stash of gift cards to various restaurants – the perfect thing for a Saturday night when we’ve already spent all we should spend from the regular budget. 

The food was really wonderful.  Beautiful presentation, delicious, creative recipes.  The building, the furniture, the decorations were attractive, warm, inviting, classy.  The wait staff were friendly and well-trained.  The wait was reasonably short.  The music being played overhead was pleasant enough.  The lighting was nice.

There was only one down side:  4 televisions, great big screens, side by side, staring us down directly across from our booth.  It was almost impossible NOT to look at them – I know, because I did my best to pretend they were not there.  I tried to people-watch.  I turned almost completely around to watch the weather out the window.  I stared intently into my plate.  I focused on G.  But the TVs were HUGE and bright and ever-present. 

What is with this business of TVs in so many restaurants?  Are we really such slaves to the purveyors of advertised goods?  Such addicts of sports and other programming, that we can’t go out and enjoy the company of others without staring at giant television screens?  I loved the food.  I loved getting out with G.  I didn’t love spending almost $50 of a gift card to eat dinner in front of TV. 

I feel like a complainer, bringing this up.  I consider my options. Tell the waitress not to seat us near a TV?  I’m not sure – how annoyed do the wait staff get at people who make demands like that?  (I’m always nervous about ticking off people who touch my food when I can’t see it, you know?)  Maybe the only two real options are either get used to it, or don’t go to that place anymore.  Not going there would be a disappointing solution, since the food was so good. 

But maybe that’s the most adult, least whiny of the options available.  Maybe.  

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    I so agree with you. Can’t go to a nice restaurant, enjoy your meal and a conversation with the person or persons you are with because a TV is blaring at me. I would imagine you could graciously ask wait staff if there might be a cozy corner where the TV isn’t so present.

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