Posted: September 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

A week or two ago in Bible study, a friend paused amidst prayer time to tell some of us the pictures he had been given in prayer for us.  I have pondering, since then, the picture he had for me and G.  I appreciated that he didn’t try to make up an interpretation for it – just told us the picture and let it be.  At the time I cracked a joke, but I have had great fun poking around at it and pondering and listening for what God might be showing me with it.

Interestingly, around the same time the subject of God giving us a word or a picture came up at church.  Since the friend mentioned above attends another church, I don’t think he got the idea from our pastor. 

Whenever I hear about something from unconnected sources multiple times in a short period, I try to stop and listen.  I am trying to be more aware, more intentional.  Sometimes I slide into a kind of complacency where I stop expecting things like words and pictures, and truthfully maybe i was kinda getting there.  I am grateful for the reminder and grateful for the fun of conversations with God.  I love the way He draws me along in conversation – sometimes almost a hide-and-seek, other times more like quiet mutual whispering.  When I get away from that, it makes me homesick.  A sweet, drawing kind of homesick, not a sad or bitter kind.

Tonight I am savoring that, yearning a bit, reaching out expectantly within me for His voice, in whatever form He may choose to use it.



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