Posted: September 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

doubt and worry came by today
lean, stunted, conjoined twins on patrol
petting and patting one another
obscene in their incestuous fawning
they left a glistening trail of putrid, sticky slime in their wake

negativity shuffled along a bit later
snout snuffling across the ground
where its tiny, myopic eyes were singularly focused
slurping up the slime the twins had left behind
growing fatter by the moment
short of breath
little knowing grunts shoving out its windpipe from time to time

cynicism’s footsteps could be heard
well before it showed its face
boom boom boom
echoes of sound vibrated the air upon its approach
a towering cyclops, its grin malignant
chin raised high, shoulders thrown back
breathing deep, glad breaths
of the acrid stench left behind by negativity
growing drunker by the moment on its essence
half-mumbling a dreary, grim cheatin’ song

the hearts of those who were not wrapped up in hope quailed
surrendering their vision to dark prison cells without a fight
their eyes grew vacant and their jaws hung slack
they numbed their minds with small and noisesome things
believing the message of the day’s gruesome parade

but those who were properly dressed
simply stepped back,wisely turning aside from the spectacle
and resumed real living

karen buchanan


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