1 month anniversary report

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today marks the one-month anniversary of our wedding.  Our order of thank-you notes arrived today, and I am so excited about getting down to the business of writing those.  Meanwhile, if you’ve been around awhile you know that I do like to pause for meditating, extrapolating lessons, savoring special memories, etc on significant dates.  While I don’t imagine I will mark EVERY month anniversary with a blog, the one-month mark seems significant enough for a bit of stopping to do just that, eh?  Bits and pieces:

  • I have changed my driver’s license and checking account to my new name, but have some other important places it needs changed.  I have swapped some of my internet life over from “Swank” to “Buchanan,” but I think there are still some places left to fix that.  I am still having to work pretty hard sometimes to remember to give the right name when introducing myself or signing my name.  This 47 year old brain is not terribly cooperative for making the switch, but each time that I get it right, I really notice and smile and do a little celebration dance inside.  People at work have helped me with this transition, as many delighted in calling me, “Mrs. Buchanan,” when I returned from the honeymoon.
  • We have Gary mostly switched out, getting his address official after his move here.  There is a kink or two we are fixing, but we’re nearly clear of that headache.
  • It took 3 weeks for us to get around to the business of me showing him what I’ve got set up as far as handling money goes (since I’ve been living in the land of money and he’s been a paycheck-less missionary, it makes the most sense to just fold his stuff into mine, if that makes sense.)  While I’m glad we had the conversation (complete with internet banking tour, a glimpse at the bills, and an explanation of the “envelope system”) I have to admit we haven’t been stellar about getting to it. The money thing has been a bit of a jumble – not disastrously so, but  we’ve got some tightening up to do when it comes to tag-teaming our finances.  We will get there.
  • Gary is the easiest “roomie” ever.  He gets home from work before I do and he hustles around on a seek-and-destroy mission for any chores that might need done (in turn, I do my best after I get back from driving him to work each morning to not leave him much to do).  It is a strange and wonderful thing, having a partner for all the chore stuff.  DUDE.  I have to hustle to get to do ANY of it – he’d do it all if I let him.  We do have some different standards on some things, but it seems to me that we are communicating and negotiating all of that very well.  No brewing resentments that I know of. 
  • For now we are sharing a car.  This means I get up with him around 4 AM, we do breakfast and devotions and such together, and then I drive him to work at 5:30.  I come home and resume my day.  He rides the bus home.  I had thought we might have some urgency about getting a second car, but this system seems to be working nicely.  We don’t have a final thought yet on what happens next for that. 
  • We are spoiled rotten, living “in community” with our friends.  It means that on the nights that we eat here at home, we generally get to show up to eat food already prepared.  Sometimes we pick up ingredients, and I think we’ve cooked ONE meal for the family, but mostly we just get to live like teenagers.  But I think TOMORROW I’m writing more about our “community” living, so enough about that.  For now, just:  we are spoiled rotten. 
  • We do basically everything together, at this point.  We go to work, but otherwise:  together.  We get groceries:  together.  We clean the room:  together.  We visit friends/family;  together.  We ride bikes:  together.  We do church stuff:  together.  This is an extremely radical departure from any way that I have ever lived before this, and I am delighted to say that I love it.  Eventually, I am sure we will have things we do apart.  But for now, I am in no hurry to get there.  I think it’s okay in the newlywed phase to be a bit inseparable, as long as it’s a mutual want and not all one-sided, eh?
  • Speaking of that:  a final note on communications.  I am very much an extreme coward on communicating hard things.  We are both people-pleaser personalities, so there is that twist to it.  I sometimes find myself absolutely terrified to speak up.  But G has been wonderful at finding ways to help me to do just that (and I am pretty intentional in trying to be sure he says what he wants, too).  So basically, we are watching out for each other, each the other’s great defender and champion for the cause.  We’re not doing it perfectly.  But we are doing it better than I thought we might, this soon. 

Anything else I would share at this point would probably end up being TMI.  So I’ll leave it at:  all is well.  We are learning together, Gary is rolling well with his entire world changing, and thus far we are having fun more often than we are not. 

End of report!


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    Happy for you!

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