i’ll take the ballroom

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

It seems too constricting, at first blush, that the only way to God might be the forgiveness purchased by Jesus Christ.  It seems mean to say that there is just the one way.  It seems stubborn, even small-minded.  Why should there be just the one way?  Why shouldn’t there be many ways – an infinite number of ways, even?

I notice, though, that the narrowness is just for a bit.  It doesn’t last so very long.  Once one gets through that narrow door that is “thru Christ alone,” there is a little narrow hallway for a bit, where one adjusts one’s view of reality to His truth.  But beyond that hallway, there is a giant ballroom.  It is a place of freedom – to run, to walk, to dance, to lie down on the floor.  It is a place of refreshing and restoration.  A place of rest – no more striving.  A place of nourishment and healing.  A place of laughter – not the kind we use to cover nervous tension, nor the kind we find at the expense of another, but the pure, light laughter that comes from a deep peace that has left one free to see the silliness within without feeling condemned in the seeing. 

Unfortunately, many of us are fairly agoraphobic about that hallway.  We back slowly out of the vast freedom of the ballroom, feeling for the dark comfort of those hemmed in, narrow walls.  Considering our freedom has made us dizzy; we crave the certainty of those “how then shall I live?” rules.  some of us just return to the hallway intermittently (very few never revisit it), while others plant their heels and refuse to cross the threshold into the ballroom.

But what of those who don’t even come as far as the hallway?  Those who stick with the seemingly easier idea that there are many ways to God?

That doesn’t look so easy to me.  Oh, at the onset one gets to pick whatever way seems best.  But all of those ways depend on a level of goodness on some level or another, don’t they?  So what has started out to be a big, beautiful, open field turns out to be riddled with sinkholes.  One can be cruising along, enjoying life, and fall off into an abyss while trying to be good enough – we may be tripped up by anything from the offense of another’s words to an old bad habit to an underlying addiction or other dysfunction.  The way looks to me to be harder, darker, more confusing, and a lot less free and fun than the big ol’ ballroom.

His ways are not our ways.  Scripture says so.  We tend to look for easy freedom at the outset.  He shows us, if we let Him, that the best freedom lies just beyond that seemingly constrictive door that is His Way. 

As for me, I relish my life in the big ol’ ballroom, and I run for the false comfort of the hallway less and less often.  And I’m awfully glad that there are no sinkholes to swallow me up. 

  1. laurie says:

    geesh Karen!! Your depth of thought – Wow – understandable description of the narrow path……
    You can see it, feel the space, feel the spaciousness when choosing to walk through the entrance of Christ – really you are a gifted Gifted writer. Thankyou for sharing that gift.

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