Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

can feel like wisdom
because it is experience-based

can feel like control
in its preemptive disappointment

can feel like safety
in its illusion that all damage can be avoided

can feel like victory
because at least i’m better than that

can feel like intellect
in its presumption of being right

can feel like courage
with its false bravado

lies, lies, damnable lies it tells

it is foolish
measuring all things by the standard of a few

it is maudlin surrender
agreeing with despair without putting up a fight

it is arrogance
presuming that God is not at work

it is wicked pride
supposing that i have the right and all the information to judge

it is lack of imagination
a failure to guess at beauty or grace

it is cowardice
hiding one’s own heart from the danger of hope

as for me, i choose not to believe its lies
will you?


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