on crying over barns

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

My husband got drafted into an old Karen tradition today, and I have to say:  he was a very good sport.  I have a special attachment to the farm that we lived on during my 7th through 12th grade years.  It’s kind of ironic that I love it there so much, because those were HARD years in a lot of ways and I made a lot of regrettable choices.  But the land has some kind of connection to my heart, and I NEED to drive out by there about once a year or so. 

I have gone by myself quite often, but my kids also got frequently drafted in, and they both were kind of like, “Mom!” in their best good-natured protest voices.  Clearly, the attachment to the farm was all mine and none of theirs.  So today I dragged G with me and he smiled all the way.  We had to drive slowly, slowly, and I had to describe stuff I remembered for the entire “gravel” portion of the drive.  I hope that some day I get to tour the places where HE grew up.  That will be quite a road trip, if we do!  I’ve never been to that part of the east coast!

My kids have also long had fun teasing me about my love of barns.  When they were growing up, as we drove I made a big deal about every barn we passed.  I LOVE BARNS.  I praised the well-kept ones, and heaven help us all when I saw one that was being neglected and let to fall down.  I had a whole big tragic speech I gave, about the beauty of the architecture and the heritage, and how the new pole barns have NONE of that, and how people should take care of these beautiful treasures.  Over the years, we watched a couple of barns fall down, bit by bit, on our drive from Aledo to the Quad Cities, and my speeches got more and more dramatic.  So my kids took to joking about how mom “cries about barns” and they still give me crap as often as possible on this topic.

So!  Tonight I was telling Julia about taking G on the tour of the farm, and she made a crack about me crying over barns…and LO AND BEHOLD, I realized that while I had not…oh yessssss….GARY HAD!  He had noted a barn with the roof falling in, just down the road from our old place, and he had made some sort of comment about what a shame it was, and I kind of almost did a little victory yell when I realized all of this while laughing on the phone with Julia.


  1. Pam Spangler says:

    You make me smile because I also love old barns especially round ones. Blessings!

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