a brief wedding blog with lots of pics

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Lots of you have asked me to be sure and share wedding pictures.  I have been negligent in doing that, largely because I tend to be in a hurry every time I get on this thing, but also because I ran into a technical difficulty or two.  Let’s do just a little video tour of the wedding tonight. 

First of all:  the strangeness of Karen.  I had decided that my wedding dress would NOT be seen until I walked down the aisle  We also had decided that we were doing pictures BEFORE the wedding, as we wanted a fairly seamless flow AFTER the wedding into the reception.  My solution for the conundrum of how to get pictures done without the dress being seen?  Simple!  I would buy ANOTHER dress for the pictures.  After all, we just wanted nice posed pictures of the wedding party and family, and if the BRIDE didn’t care about the pictures not having “the dress,” then nobody else was allowed to, right?  Gary was a great sport and went along, even deciding that he, too, would wear something a little different for the pre-pictures.  And we didn’t make anyone else worry about what they were wearing for those pics, either.  So here is one fun shot from that session (I have SO MANY to share, but I’ll probably put the huge bulk on Facebook….eventually…)

The wedding party, including our best man Skot and matron of honor (my daughter) Julia.

Our flower girl, my niece Gracie.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that my dress was not traditional.  I didn’t want to wear white.  I wanted to be ME.  And Gary was game for that, though I didn’t give him details to work with.  I dreamed the dress and a friend created it.  Here is some of it:

Moments before walking the aisle.

Next we have a shot from the vows.  You will notice fun details:  the chuppah, above (and around) us, a bit about Gary’s getup, and of course:  THE BRIDESBABY!  Yes, my granddaughter came down the aisle with her mommy, and she was beautiful and wonderful, and I can have a bridesbaby if I want one, because a bride gets what she wants, eh? 

Afterward, we danced – down the aisle, behind the congregation, back up the aisle, and took a bow…all to the tune of “Amazing Grace,” which started out with dignified bagpipes and quickly fell into loud, fun punk mayhem.

Instead of just regular cake, we had:  cupcakes!  Cookies!  People are STILL talking about them!

We are saying something like, “Can you believe it? WE ARE MARRIED!!!”

Happily Ever After Begins


And I can’t end this blog without bragging on my wedding shoes.  Check ’em out.  Pink zebra stripe with sparkles!  You WISH you had shoes this cool!  🙂

Perhaps I’ll write more another day.  There is a cute guy waiting to snuggle…annnnnd I’m out!

  1. Pam Spangler says:

    Thanks Karen for sharing those beautiful pics! Hugs and blessings!

  2. Stasia Bird says:

    Very fun! (This post and the day.) I’m glad to know more of the background of your dress! Do you think you’ll wear it again?

  3. Marguerite says:

    Thank you Karen, what a beautiful wedding. I love that you were YOU! (That’s a collective you) You are both amazing people. Congratulations and many blessings.

  4. Ronald says:

    It was a blessing to see your pictures, your happiness is clear. You are two remarkable and gracious people.
    Ron B.

  5. Connie Schultz says:

    Beautiful wedding thanks for the blog and pics they are wonderful. I wish you both God’s richest blessings as you start life together.5

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