honeymoon mode

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been intentionally faithful to my promise to write here daily, even since the wedding.  That, to be honest, has been hard.  Every minute that I spend on the computer, I am thinking that I could be spending it with my husband, and so the minutes are spent begrudgingly and in a hurry.  I have also been pretty faithful to my daily writing of the grat list, though I took off about a week after the wedding because anything and everything I would have shared during the honeymoon would have just been a major TMI, you know? 

It is a fun thing, being in honeymoon mode.  We only took a few days off to be away and I got right back to work, but all of the time that I’m not at work:  that’s time with my G.  I have been unapologetic in this – I felt bad about altogether stopping attendance at my small group, but…I’m just not ready yet to leave him all day for work and then go off and leave him in the evening,too. I guess sooner or later we will have to do some things separately, but to be honest, neither of us is looking forward to that.  We got to do the “on our own” thing for longer than either of us wanted to, and we’re just kind of luxuriating in the pleasure of following each other around pretty much absolutely everywhere.

There is some kind of a biblical precedent for spending a YEAR really focused on each other,for newlyweds.  I can’t quote chapter and verse, but I know there was something about soldiers taking a year to be home with wives, or something like that.  (Anyone out there…help me out?  Know what I mean?)  While I don’t suppose we will get the luxury of a whole year of being inseparable, it feels like a good investment, doing so for as long as can be managed. 

One of the neat things about having done things in order is that the after-the-wedding time has not been any kind of  let-down.  There has been no, “oh gosh, this is hard,” or “well, what will we do NEXT for excitement?”  The mystery hasn’t peeled away into something mundane, but has instead deepened.  I am MORE in love and have MORE of a crush on G now than I did 2 weeks ago.  Reality hasn’t dampened that.  Some would point out that it hasn’t been long enough for the dampening effect yet.  Ahhh we will see. 

For now, we are resolved not to take each other for granted, not to forget the great treasure that we have been given, each in the other.  For now, it is a beautiful thing. 

Whatever comes next:  we are in it together.

  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    I remember that passage, and I will try to find it!

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