an ordinary day and the challenges of changes

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today, we set out to do some taking care of business.  We needed to do my bank and the DMV – lots of updating to do there.  I had an idea in my head of what the order should be, but today was mostly a fact-finding mission.  We needed to know what each institution would require, in order to update us.

It’s kind of a catch-22.  Gary needs to prove his residency at our address.  Because we live “in community” with friends, we have no utility bill of any kind (which is one of the acceptable proofs of residency).  We can use mail from a government agency or a bank statement to do the DMV stuff, but before I can change my name on the bank accounts, I have to show them my ID with my new name on it (and the plan is to add him to the accounts when I change my name, as it is a lot of work to do both changes and it makes no sense to do the work twice).  I will need our official marriage license in order to get that ID.  So we might be doing multiple rounds of trips to both agencies, as well as the courthouse and of course the social security office, as we collect the various documents that will do the trick.  There is no *fast* way to get it all in order, and it would feel much more comfortable for Gary if we had some of these details ironed out quickly while he is trying to find his way in the work world in this area.  These little stressors add up with the looking-for-a-job stressors to nag at him a bit – if you are a praying person, please do lift that up.  

Still, it was fun to be away from the regular daily routines and just out doing stuff together.  We walked around my little hometown (my bank is there and the easier-to-manage DMV office is, too) and checked out an antique car show, and experienced the unhealthy but yummy treat of the Tastee Freez for lunch.

We came home and worked a little more together on the business of getting our room in order – we are for sure stretching as we learn to fit all our things together, and then we’ve had such a busy week that we’ve not been putting things away well when we get home.  The room had gotten so chaotic that I was having little mini-meltdowns every time we came in, saying overly dramatic things like, “I CANNOT LIVE THIS WAY!” even as I remembered that living that was was a regular thing for me, years ago. 

G is a great sport.  We tag-teamed the room and it didn’t know what had hit it.  Now it is once again a peaceful zone of serenity and we can just enjoy time together without me practically having seizures over the mess.

We also took a turn at making supper for the household tonight.  I love prepping a meal with Gary.  He’s a great partner on such a project and it is wonderful to have our friends to sit down with for good food and even better conversation.  I do love this unconventional way we’ve chosen to live.

Not bad for a Saturday!


  1. Pam Spangler says:

    will be praying for Gary for job

  2. Praying with you and loving your unconventionality – and loving that Gary is so eager to help you with things and that you got your room back to serenity! Prayers and love! ❤

  3. Cindy Maynard says:

    If I had known you were in Aledo, I would have given you a sweet treat to take home! Sounds as though you are settlin’ in very well. Blessings, and I will lift up Gary’s job search and all the details that go with it.

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