ordinary life together, here we come

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today Gary and I returned from our honeymoon.  We enjoyed two nights in a beautiful cabin at Starved Rock State Park, courtesy of our Bible study friends, and then two nights in an 8th-floor room in a casino hotel, courtesy of a hot deal from Priceline.  Now, we return to regular life.

Except it isn’t really a “return.”  Gary and I have never done “regular life” in the history of our relationship as a couple.  While I knew him and enjoyed him as a friend for the 9 months that i lived a JPUSA, he had no idea of how i felt about him.  So that was the closest thing to “ordinary life” in our history.  Our relationship has been long distance, building on that friendship from the time I lived in the same big ol’ house as him.  We have relied on texting and video chats and Facebook messages and the occasional phone call. We have soaked up rare visits, one to the other, over weekends with long spaces between visits.  He only just moved here to Rock Island one week before our wedding, and of course that week was a whirlwind of wedding prep, my visiting kids, etc.  Nothing at all like ordinary life.

So today we carried in our bags from the car and worked together to put things away.  We worked together to figure out what goes where, in the little space that is our room, our realm, within our friends’ home.  We ran errands together.  We rode bikes together and made plans for his job application processes together.  We figured out supper together and then we went to Bible study together.

All of this is strange and wonderful to me.  My past experiences in relationships have not included doing things in partnership, sharing the load for everyday tasks, or the mutual enjoyment of a similar hobby.  It is all new territory to me.  It is WONDERFUL territory to me.  I don’t quite know how to act, when Gary jumps up and has half the job done before it has occurred to me to start.  I am surprised when he wants to do the same stuff I want to do, and when he is not suddenly busy with his own tasks to do, when it’s time to do the drudge work.  I keep telling him it will take me time to really grasp this.

He just smiles patiently.

I think I like this “doing everyday life together” thing.  I think I can get used to it!

  1. Me says:

    YAY for you & Gary!

    Sent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!

  2. Jill says:

    Beautiful beginning to a wonderful life. Love you both.

  3. Pam Spangler says:


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