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Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Okay, here is yesterday’s entry (we didn’t have wifi then, but we do now.)  I’ll work on today’s next.

WE DID IT!  I am writing this blog from my honeymoon (so you are probably not going to see it until I get home.)  Yesterday was the big day, and I couldn’t possibly be happier with how it came out.  As predicted, there were details I had forgotten to handle and places in the day where we unintentionally varied from the plan.  You know what?  The variations didn’t matter – the day was beautiful.  The details that I forgot to handle either didn’t matter, or someone just stepped in and took care of them for me.  

We were surrounded and encouraged by loved ones.  People came from out of state – Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Arizona for sure (those are the ones I can quickly remember just now).

I was very concerned about our JPUSA wedding party, as travelling is always kind of a challenge (getting a vehicle, gas money, food for the road or cash to buy some…it’s a big deal to ask for all of that.)  My feeling was that if they could finagle a way to come, we needed to take very good care of them when they got here.  One friend provided a house for them, stocking it with snacks, soaps, etc – she volunteered, without me having asked.  Another group of friends paid for a catered meal for them to ease the time between pictures and the ceremony – they volunteered, hitting me up a few days before the wedding to see what nice thing I had wanted but couldn’t afford.  Another friend baked a couple of cakes to go with the meal.   

A ton of friends and family worked hard to make every step and stage of this event work.  I didn’t hire a florist – a friend just did it for me.  A friend took great pains to do my makeup at star-quality.  I didn’t hire a photographer – FOUR friends stepped in and took photos – I cannot wait to see them all!  A friend officiated for us.  Friends provided top-notch music for us.  Friends ran the sound booth, helped out with the kitchen.  No wedding coordinator – family friends helped set up, decorate, clean up.  Heck, we didn’t even use our own church – my parent’s church opened up and welcomed us, and some of them even came to celebrate with us.  

The wedding was so very much fun.  We did our own vows.  We didn’t use any traditional wedding march music.  My dress was not  wedding dress.  My shoes were of the converse sort, not pretty heels.  Gary did not wear a tux.  The Hebrew prayers, sang and spoken by my son-in-law, were something I’ve never seen in any church, ever.  We had a chuppah.  

The most outside-my-box thing we did was:  we danced around the church before we exited, to “Amazing Grace,” Flatfoot 56 style.  We worked up just a very simple little routine and did it over and over.  We are no dancers.  But we wanted to!  It was a celebration!  And the people cheered and clapped and I didn’t care at all that I was clumsy as all get out.  I was excited about it until a day or two before the wedding, and then I struggled with whether we were just too dorky and should not.  But I decided that our friends and family love us in our dorkiness, and we should just embrace it full tilt.  And Gary is such a trooper that I never heard any doubt in him.  I AM SO GLAD WE DID IT!  

Okay every word that I type is another moment separated from my G.  I gotta roll.  
Until tomorrow…

Mrs. Buchanan

  1. An says:

    Love your story and so incredibly happy for you!

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