Big Day!!!!!!!

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is a composing-on-my-phone morning as my computer is at the church, ready to provide a live feed of the wedding. Of course today I cannot talk anything but wedding, wedding, and more wedding. Today I become Mrs. Gary Buchanan!

Yesterday we set up the church, rehearsed, and dined together as wedding party and family. It was a fun, relaxed, beautiful day. I am happy to report that at six hours before the wedding, I still haven’t had a bridal freak out nor any wedding related drama/traum. In Christ,IT IS POSSIBLE!  The calm in my belly tells me that today will be another fun, joyous, beautiful and low-stress day. HALLELUJAH and THANK YOU JESUS!!

i tried on my wedding dress last night near midnight – yes, for the VERY FIRST TIME- and it is perfection. It is the dress I dreamed and it came through, just as the peace in me had said it would, despite some challenges along the way and I can’t wait to wear it! 

My parents gave us the most delicious and homey rehearsal supper. it was over-the-top wonderful and I am blessed. My family and friends pulled together to help us get ready and it was, for me, all warmth, all joy, all blessing. 

No  matter what we mess up today, and WE WILL mess something up, at the and of the day we will be married other any other mess ups will be of no consequence other than maybe good stories to laugh over later.

I haven’t slept at all. I couldn’t. I’m too excited! But I did lie quietly in the dark with my eyes closed and my mind racing for about five hours, so that will have to be good enough. It will. Gary went to bed with a fever last night and I hear him upstairs sneezing like a madman, but his texts are full of gladness and energy and WE ARE GONNA DO THIS THING! 

Blessings, all.  I will be writing daily on the honeymoon but may or may not post. You might not hear from me until Thursday. 

Much love karen soon to be Buchanan

  1. Me says:

    THRILLED for you, Karen. God is wonderful in His infinite wisdom and glory. Enjoy His joy!

    Sent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!

  2. Pam Spangler says:

    blessings Karen can’t wait for 2 pm today!

  3. SO excited for you Karen! Congratulations friend!! I hope to watch the live feed online so I can witness the beauty of 2 lives joined together in Christ! God bless!! 🙂 ❤

  4. Susan says:


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