baby mania

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

I got to spend quite a lot of time with my grandbaby today – the lovely Ms. E.  She is 7 months old now and is massively giant compared to the little peanut we held in her first week of life, back at Christmas.  She can be pretty serious a lot of the time, but her smiles…oh, her smiles! 

The most fun part of this time for me has been being in the room during and after her time of nursing.  While she is nursing, she makes all these very vigorous noises of appreciation in her throat.  It is HILARIOUS.  And when she’s done nursing, she’s like a little drunken sailor.  She smiles and grins giddily at everyone and everything in the room.  She beams.  She glows.  Her eyebrows raise.  Her eyebrows crinkle.  She giggles and snorts and squints her eyes.  She wiggles and waves her arms and sways giddily about.  It seems like she is saying, “I’m beautiful!  You’re beautiful!  Everything is beautiful!  Breast milk is a secret intoxicant!  Can you dig this?!”  And of course the cuter she was, the more I giggled, which just made her grin and snort and wiggle even more.  It was a beautiful chain reaction and I’d like to see it repeated about a thousand more times. 

I have often said that it is no wonder we are so messed up as adults.  Babies KNOW they are rock stars.  They flirt.  They coo.  They grin at their adoring masses.  And then at some point in the journey, they get taught in all manner of ways that they are not the center of the known universe…and really, isn’t it a wonder that we aren’t all even more screwed up than we actually are? 

Brene Brown, in her talk at the Global Leadership Summit, listed our basic core needs as the following:

  • To be seen and loved
  • to belong
  • To be brave

Ms. E. knows that she is seen – I watched her look from person to person today, making note that we were watching her.  She knows that she is loved – she is told and shown many times throughout the day.  She belongs.  No grin like the one that kept crossing her face today could happen, I think, absent her understanding that she is loved.  She is brave – though she is over nine hours from home, though she is surrounded by people she didn’t know, though we subjected her to the car seat way too much…still she is fairly even tempered and willing to just BE where she is. 

As E’s “grammy,” I will be personally praying specifically about the experiences and forces in this world that would steal her freedom, her joy, her healing.  That would keep her from feeling seen, loved, brave, and from experiencing a feeling of belonging.  Grammy’s are blessed like that.

Okay I’m passing out between words.   This may or may not be done, but I AM DONE.  Good night, all!  See you tomorrow…











  1. Margaret Babbitt says:

    Karen, a lovely post like all of yours are. Thank you for letting us come along on your journey…your world has exploded with love and I am so very happy for you!

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