bedtime thank You note

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear Lord,

I just had to stop by and thank You for the weekend I just had.  You are ALWAYS doing the neatest stuff for me, and I just continue to be shocked by it at every turn. 

You provided me a nice loaned truck for the task of going to move Gary, and I got to drive in comfort. 

You made space in my life for time to spend with JPUSA friends Friday night and Saturday early, with no great need to hurry.  You even made sure we got prayed over. 

You gave us a perfectly beautiful day for the drive home, and a little quiet space for us to just be alone for a bit to say to each other how happy we are…and you gave me a man who leaks tears at those words. 

You let me have BOTH of my children around me, AND the grandbaby, along with Gary, for a sweet, sweet Saturday night out for Mexican food and a good look at the Mississippi after dark.  You helped my grandbaby be so very good and sweet as I’ve seen her every time this weekend, even when all the travelling and strangers would be full justification for her to be stuck in cranky mode. 

You gave me the quiet space of the back yard swing with Gary, and friends who are gracious and patient about how glad we are in each other.

You gave me my incredible church family, who have welcomed Gary so warmly.

You gave me more beautiful weather for all the driving around I had to do today.

You filled a room with friends and family today who blessed me, laughed with me, and made me blush endlessly. 

You gave me a man who fits in my family as if he had been there since the beginning.  And you gave me family with whom I can pray and laugh and act entirely too silly. 

You let me hear my son-in-law and my fiance saying Hebrew prayers together over communion, in a church where I’ve never been a member but am always embraced fully as family.  You gave me a man who volunteers to pray right away, in a room where he is for sure the newest guy. 

It never stops amazing me, how extravagant and overdone Your blessings are.  I’m so glad that You don’t insist on playing everything close to the vest.  THANK YOU, Lord, for “showing off” in my life this weekend.  I love watching You do the “wow me” thing.



  1. Linda DeLathower says:

    Oh Karen, I am so very Happy for you! God had for sure been preparing this special man just for you. And I love the way you talk about him. Oh sweet girl, I remember years ago and I loved you than…and I love you even more now. I’m going to try not to get lost and make it to your wedding. Really don’t have anything to wear though…so in case I don’t make it…please know you are in my heart and someday soon I would like to me you both…and even the gals from around here on the grats list.

    Love you lady and so very glad God has blessed you with just the right fella.



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