launching a new small series

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Man-bashing tends to be a semi-regular sport in current popular culture.  There is never any shortage of jokes at the expense of men in general or of a specific man.  It is an unfortunate trend that makes it all too easy for men to slide into living down to lowered expectations, rather than living up to their high calling of leadership. 


An unfortunate phenomenon in these last days before my wedding is that my mind keeps stirring up old memories of interactions and relationships with men that have been painful and even scarring.  I could meditate there.  I could write long about the “marks” left on my psyche.  I could tell stories that would bring in a flood of “likes” and comments of common experiences.  I could.


What if, instead, I were to focus on all the good, life-affirming, healing, helpful things that men have brought to my life?  I like the notion of that shift of focus.  Let’s do it!  Tune in here for the next week or so for daily installments.  Just a bit of “men appreciation,” if you will.

Just let me say up front:  this will not be an all-inclusive list.  Maybe it won’t even be a “top 7” list  I will leave people out – I’d need to write for years, maybe, to tell the whole story of all the men who have blessed me!  This will be just a little skim, to touch on a few of them. 

I’ll start tomorrow.  That being said, I’ll be at JPUSA this morning.  So maybe I’ll get it posted, or maybe I’ll only get it written on paper and will have to post it when I get home Sunday night. 

Have a blessed weekend!

  1. thredd says:

    thank you very much for this. i will attempt to respond without “my own possible even accidental digression” in the following manner: 1. you have very simply expressed a valuable treasure which immediately brings to mind the beyond imaginable & reassuring [buried real words] yet also literal implied “yield with your striving” which can for “some” in some “terrains of the psyche” if you will, over time spring up very nicely as follows – let go relax – release now those blocking or by now [possibly frozen] aggressive fists [however those “fists” embody themselves – even if etc. & so forth] – to me & know that i am god. for noone else is above me [i am closer to you than anything[one etc.] else…i am closer to you even then today”. i added some stuff.

    there are also many more to those words, however i am not a wise scribe 🙂 im a kid woman girl “saying this about what you just wrote because it was beautiful to read”.

    2. celebrating or “valuing” [humans in general + and self properly – inward & outward] rather than bashing is and has always been synonymous with love and love endures until the end. the end.

    not really “the end” but i like saying “the end” like when i used to write a little poem when i was in primer school especially when i feel “awkward” about wot i just wrote and i am about to “press” “publish now”.

    yours truly , R.

    all hoorays and all hands raised for the town they used to call [who used to think it was most certainly, but hoped against hope it was not] called [pitiful].

    in all hope
    that i made a good landing with this?
    *looking forward to your words and so much more.


    • karen says:

      You made a GREAT landing on this, Ramsie – touched my heart! You always, always bless me when you stop in for a word or two. Thank you, from a more sincere place than I know how to communicate on a screen…

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