a one-sided conversation

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

i came and asked You what i should do
and then called 5 friends to ask their opinions
checked to see what google said
wrote a list of pros and cons
thought about what i did the last three times
developed a spreadsheet for financial analysis
read some blogs on the subject for wisdom
perused the library shelves for historical precedent
called my sister to vent my emotions
and my mom to work through the logic
inventoried my resources
contacted the prayer list to explain my need in detail
met with my neighbor who always has new ideas

and came back to ask You again
what should i do?
but You still didn’t answer

so i went for a jog
cleaned my house
did some retail therapy
played games on facebook
tried out some recipes from pinterest
created a new diet and exercise program
and watched reruns on cable
(just trying not to think, you know?)

again i came to ask
since You still hadn’t answered
what should i do?

i talked to you long, long, long
so long that i fell asleep, midsentence
waking again, my mind went first to the question
what should i do?

then i jumped up quickly to make my bed
fixed breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen
all before church

the pastor stands at the front
gosh, he never seems to struggle with questions like mine
he’s teaching about prayer and he says
we often don’t recognize his voice because we are too loud

well!  what does he know?
i think i’ll call his wife
and tell her he should cool his jets

after all, what does HE know about God’s voice?

karen swank


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