pondering current themes

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you’ve been here long, you know that I promised to write every day in 2013.  One of the tricks in that for me is that I totally lose track of what I have said and where.  Long before I ever started this blogging daily business, I was already writing a gratitude list every day, and that doesn’t count as my daily writing.  So, half the time or more, when I come the keyboard with an idea, I first spend some time perusing recent blog entries and grat lists, trying to see how much I’ve already said.  I really hate the notion of coming here and just repeating myself daily.  Hate to think that some of you start to read, shake your heads, and say, “Man, same stuff she did last week!  Not fresh!” 

But if I’ve learned anything at all from all of this writing, it is how cyclical and unsurprising I tend to be.  It’s kind of the same themes played on slightly varied stories in a sort of seasonal format, eh?  I don’t think I am alone in this tendency. 

Leads me to ponder what my current themes are…let’s see…

*grace, grace, and more grace (and its partner, mercy, of course!) – the message is loud and coming at me from all directions:  grace is the central story of Christ, and most of the rest of what we do with our faith is “added stuff”

*healing – MAN, so many layers…every time one layer peels away, another is revealed…who knew there was so much healing to be done?  I am reminded daily that healing often looks and feels awkward, scary, painful, and discouraging – but also good and absolutely worth it.

*openness – letting go of my own understanding and being willing to see differently is HUGE right now for me.  That is the RECEIVING side of openness.  The GIVING side of it is being willing to tell the whole truth.  I hope you find that to be what I am doing, here on this blog page every day. 

*discipline – so many promises I’m keeping right now, so many healthy habits I’m establishing or maintaining, and then there is the matter of living within my means, in all the nuances that can include – it is changing who I am, for the better, but/and it is very “expensive” in my life.

*love – I suppose you’d expect to see that on my list, 17 days before my wedding!  But really – I find more and more that love is not at all what I thought it was, all this time.  It is better, but/and it requires a totally different approach and thought process than I had ever guessed.  I’m enjoying exploring that, and expect the coming year to be a giant stretch as I explore it well beyond what I ever have before.

*courage – 4 of the 5 listed above require great courage for me.  I am surprised, sometimes really, how very MUCH courage.  I am not surprised, though, at how consistently He provides it. 

*humility – let’s face it:  reading me for very long shows that I am whiny and overly dramatic, among other unflattering things.  I get a daily look at reasons to know I’m no rock star.  This is good, though not often pleasant.  Maybe one of these days it will finally eradicate the worst of my pride and I’ll be humble.  Or maybe not.  I’m pretty darn hard-headed. 

I feel like those are the big themes driving most of my stories right now.  I don’t know…do you see anything else?  I’m curious to know! 





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