countdown notes

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

The days are flying by, rushing and racing us toward the wedding day.  At this writing, there are 18 days and about 16 hours until the big event.  We are at hustle time.  Here’s what is on my horizon, in the next:

  • This week, I am trying to tie up loose ends for the wedding.  Lots of little details.  I have a list and I’m working it over and over.
  • This weekend, I am in Chicago.  Gary and I are meeting with my friend John, who will be officiating at our wedding.  Gary and I have been (separately) working our way through a marriage workbook, and John will sit down with us for a round of premarital counseling.  Gary and I are the third couple in our Bible study that John will have married.  Thus far, John has a 100% success rate – all the couples he has married are still intact.  He is counting on us to maintain his perfect average.  🙂
  • Next weekend, I am driving a borrowed truck to Chicago to move Gary here to Rock Island.  For a week, I will occupy “our” room (“my” current room at my friends’ house) and he gets to bunk upstairs in the spare room.
  • Also next weekend, my kids  (and grandbaby!) will be arriving from Ames, Iowa and Wilmore, Kentucky.  They will be here in the area for the entire week before my wedding.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  I believe they are all staying with their Grandma on their Dad’s side. 
  • We do have some wedding prep stuff to do during that week, as well.
  • I am working the first 3 days of that week.  With Gary here, the kids here, the wedding coming…oh MAN I’ll probably be kind of a flake all week….
  • And the following weekend is our wedding.  OH GOLLY!  We are practically there!! 
  • Our honeymoon is Saturday night through Wednesday.  And then Thursday, I am back to work, and Gary and I begin doing real life as husband and wife. 

My head is spinning! 

Weddings tend to bring out the high stress, craziness, and drama/trauma dynamic in a lot of couples/families.  I am happy to report that, at least up to now, none of that is happening.  I’m not going to be foolish enough to announce that there will be none of it.  But I am just sayin’…up to now, it is smooth sailing. 

Hang onto your hats.  We’re about to see how it rides out…



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