my head’s not been lopped off yet…!

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

I heard this in church last weekend and it was too good not to grab:  “We are as intimately bound to Christ as our own head is to our own neck.”  Isn’t that great stuff?!


Of course, one ought not to just swallow whatever is heard without testing it – but scripture does call Christ the head of the church, and whether or not I am faithfully attending somewhere, I am a part of “the church” as a believer.  So it rings as right to me.


I love the intimacy of it – what connection is more solid and sure than that of my head to my neck.  Hey  – if that connection is severed, I am DEAD and this body becomes no longer Karen Swank.  It’s just a used shell at that point.  


Though we use the expression that we “lose our heads,” it is just that – an expression.  My mom used to say, “You’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached!”  And she was accurate about my mad skillz at losing stuff, forgetting stuff, or that matter of my suffering from the “Lost Finding Gene.”   But – thank God! – I’m never actually in danger of forgetting my head on a park bench, or under my desk at work, or in any of the other places I’ve walked off and left my purse. 


My connection to Him is as intimate as my neck’s connection to my head.  As in, He never leaves me or forsakes me.  We like that and tend to believe it – in theory.  In practice, we tend to feel all too often like we’ve blown it, like He’s sick of our crap and has retreated, rolling His eyes, to a distance far enough to save Himself further irritation from our awfulness. 


My connection to Him is as intimate as my neck’s connection to my head.  That means HE CAN DRIVE…if I will let Him.  Are we able to do dumb stuff that our brain (“head”) knows  better than doing?  Sure.  Are we able to do regrettable stuff that Jesus advises us not to do?  Absolutely.


Still…my being alive means the connection is unbroken.


A good reminder, for the days when I am accidentally forgetting.


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