heebie-jeebies, authority, and our identity in Christ

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was after midnight, and we had been out prayer-walking.  This was during the passage of my life when a group of us prayer walked – that is, walked and prayed around the entire perimeter – of every town in Mercer County.


Trust me, this was NOT my idea.  I was somewhat reluctant – oh, let’s be real, ain’t no SOMEWHAT about it – I was VERY reluctant when the idea was brought to me.  But prayer had clearly shown me and some others that this was what we were to do.  So we were being faithful to the mission as understood, walking in teams of two or more during all four “watches” of the night (6-9 PM, 9 PM-midnight, midnight-3 AM, 3-6 AM). 


We were amidst a particularly rough run of weeks, having encountered all manner of heebie-jeebie inducing experiences out there in the dark.  That particular night there had been one especially hair-raising encounter that had us hustling back to our car afterward, seeking the perceived safety of being able to shut a door behind us.  But my friend had felt like “something” was in the car with us as we drove home.  We hurried into the house, shut the door, flipped on the lights.  And he looked sick.


“Something is in here.”


Oh, man.  I wanted it to be all his imagination – just that prickly thing that happens in us sometimes when we stir each other up with scary stories.  But his perceptions were usually dead on.


Sigh.  I was so tired!  My feet hurt.  I just wanted to go to bed!  But I got my anointing oil out.  We ran through A LOT of anointing oil in those months.  I started walking around the house, anointing the window sills, the back door.  Praying aloud.  I did the front door last.  My house was a split-level affair – the front door opened into a landing, with a few steps leading UP to the main floor, and a few steps leading DOWN to the basement.  I was still not sure at this point that he was right about “something” being in the house.  But I was anointing anyway, and praying aloud, declaring this territory off-limits to all agents of darkness.


As I reached up to anoint the door, our “something” left – through that door.  I did not SEE it, but as sure as I’m living and breathing, it was there, and it left.   Right past me.  Through the door.  The feeling of it passing by me was one of the most terrible things I have experienced.  I felt darkness, coldness.  My stomach lurched.  I was suddenly dizzy – it felt almost like I was being pushed backward toward the basement steps.  I staggered a moment, reaching out for something to hold on to.  But it was gone in an instant, out into the night, and I knew it couldn’t regain entry for the moment. 




I remember this often – it left a very clear set of memories in me – and yesterday I remembered it again.  Someone in church leadership did a sermon on “our identity in Christ,” and sooner or later, that subject will bring one around to the word, “authority.”


Scripture says some pretty astonishing things about our authority in Christ – even to the point of mentioning that we as believers will do GREATER THINGS than Christ, as we follow Him.  NOT walking in our authority in Christ, my church brother said, is like living in a house that has gas and electric fully installed, but never turning on the lights or the heat. (Isn’t that a great analogy?!)


The night that I kicked that “something” out of my house, I was walking in that authority.  The sermon rightly noted that if we don’t  know our authority in Christ, we cannot walk in it.


I pondered that yesterday.  There are areas where I am sure of my authority in Christ, and I am pretty bold in those areas.


There are other areas, though, where I have a lot of uncertainty – DOUBT, even. 


In what areas of my life am I weak and ineffectual, not because I don’t HAVE the power, but because I don’t walk in it?


In what ways am I held captive to things and ideas that are not of God – not because I am a prisoner, but because I don’t choose freedom?


And what about you?  Do you wonder, like I do?


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