day off and a mailing list

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ahh holidays.  I tend not to be the kind who trumpets them across Facebook.  I don’t wish everyone I meet a “Happy (insert name of holiday here).”  This is not so much from being a surly curmudgeon as it is because I’m ever-increasingly aware that these things don’t mean the same to all people.  I started to write an explanation of what I mean when i say that, but have concluded that adding words, in this case, probably only adds divisiveness.  So never mind about explaining.  You feel me or you don’t.  Either way, I hope you know my good intentions.

Anyway.  Today I’ve been enjoying the day off by exercising my right to be Completely Antisocial.  It is 5:30 PM and I am still sitting in my bed, in my pajamas, propped up against my pillows.  I have only stepped out of my room for quick trips to the bathroom.  Once upon a time, I used to do this A LOT, and it wasn’t healthy.  It was hiding.  But today it’s just a recharging time.  I am resting. 

Being multi-tasking Karen, I am also getting something done – our wedding invitations really MUST go out in the next day or two, so I’ve been doing everything in my power to make that happen (a process I’ve been in the midst of literally for weeks now).  Stuffing envelopes, collecting addresses.  I’m trying to remember what “collecting addresses” looked like, before all of this technology.  What it looks like FOR ME, TODAY, is:  sending text messages.  Sending emails.  Sending Facebook messages.  Doing “” searches.  And putting the whole dang thing into a Google document, in hopes of never having to do this much work on addresses again.  I’ve had this information about 20 times over, in my life, but storing it on paper means the need to FIND that paper, and when you’ve moved as much as I have, and your stuff is in storage like mine is…well…it’s kind of a “start from scratch” proposition.  I am very grateful to my daughter and my mom, who supplied a lot of the basic starting information for me.

So now I sit on my bed, knowing for sure I’M GOING TO FORGET SOMEONE.  Combing through my life:  family, friends, coworkers.  All those jobs, all those places I’ve lived.   It’s easy to remember the folks I see daily, or the people who are loud on my Facebook wall everyday, but what about people who are precious and important to me, but I haven’t spoken to them in a few years?  I’ve waited SO LONG to be married – thought for SO MANY YEARS that maybe it was never going to happen at all – and I just want to share the day with ALL of my peeps.  Not just the ones I could think of in a hurry, while doing 7 other things at the same time.

So.  Here’s hoping a day set aside to nothing but thinking about relationships will lead to me not forgetting too many people.  I mean, I’d like to shoot for forgetting no one, but that doesn’t even seem like a realistic possibility.  If you’re the one I forget, please accept my apologies in advance! 

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the rest, though holing up alone in a room feels pretty alien to me, at this age and stage of my life. 

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday too. 


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