seems you can’t hurry some things along

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m blessed to be visiting JPUSA this weekend.  Seeing my fiance, hanging with friends, riding the Critical Mass, and of course Walking Around Everywhere.  What a great time.

There is a sad note, though…this should be Cornerstone week.  People should be packing up, loading up, heading for Bushnell.  More than one person has mentioned this to me. 

I didn’t live here long enough to get used to helping out with Cornerstone annually…but if you’ve hung around long at all, you probably know the festival was the one of the highest high points of most years for me.  It added to my life and grew and changed and challenged me in endless ways. 

My fiance is interested in other music festivals.  A lot of people who used to go to Cornerstone will be trying out a brand new one this year, called AudioFeed.  I have to confess:  I can’t get excited about another festival.  It’s not just a meh response in me.  It is active NO. 

For me, it feels like running off to another music festival would be akin to hurrying on to the next relationship after losing a mate or something.  The idea of it feels bad…feels like betrayal.  I just don’t wanna.  End of story. 

It’s not an issue this summer.  With the wedding, there is realistically neither the time nor the money for any attendance of any music festival.  Since Gary is so excited to go to another festival, I am hoping I will be done with the “grief” phase about all of this by NEXT summer, and I can be a nice wife and agree to going somewhere, and not just making faces and changing the subject.

We’ll see. 


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