this may not count, but i’m gonna count it anyway

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are 50 days and 16 hours until my wedding.

Invitations should go out 6 weeks ahead.  So I have a week to finish my address list (which is finally filling in nicely).  The invitation is designed, and Gary and I love it.  There are some other piddly little design things, but mostly just the printing and the cutting and the folding and the stuffing and the addressing and the mailing. 

Gary has been coordinating the music.  It is a beautiful thing for me, just releasing that into his competent care and not worrying my head about it.

I have found the stuff to make a chuppah (pronounced “hoopah”).  If you want to know what that is, you’ll need to hit the link – I’m tired and it’s more explaining than I want to do tonight.  Suffice it to say that with an afternoon of running laps around Lowe’s, asking a lot of questions and thinking creatively, I got the pieces together.  I just need my dad for one more part of it, and I’m hoping to actually construct the corner pieces in my parents’ garage.

If you read here regularly, you know my dress is in progress.  I will try it on the evening after I run the Bix.  That promises to be a big day , eh? 

My cousin, the cake wizard, has agreed to do the cake.  If you come to my wedding and don’t eat cake, you will be missing something.  The woman’s cakes are masterful.

My parents’ church (where the wedding is being held) is being astoundingly helpful.  We have sound support.  We have a crew of people who will help out with the kitchen.  How amazing is that?!

My mom is putting together the pieces for the rehearsal dinner.  I need to sit down with her and see what I need to do to help with that.  She has also been coordinating to help provide space for our JPUSA wedding party and guests, as one needs a bit of help with such things when one is an income-less missionary.  It’s pretty fun, how that is all shaping up.  I also want to figure out food for my JPUSA friends for their entire time here.  I’ve not started on that yet, other than a few tentative questions.  Work to do there.

A friend at JPUSA is helping to coordinate the matter of rides out to the wedding and such – an issue I wouldn’t have begun to have known how to handle.  Of course Gary is working on that too. 

A friend here gave me a brilliant idea about how to do my flowers in a lower stress way.  I am totally taking her up on her offer to help out. 

I still need to figure out decorations.  I have random ideas in my head, but my thoughts refuse to focus.  I think getting the invitations sent will clear a lot of that fog. 

Many friends have persistently offered their help.  I need to get my head together and figure out how to take them up on it.  Maybe that will come when the invitations have been sent, too.

The honeymoon is covered.  Friends bought it for us within hours of our announcement.  Cuz my friends are cool like that. 

I wonder what I’m forgetting.  I’m not sure tonight counts as a blog or as writing.  But I needed to sort this out, and I’m too darn tired to be creative.

Might have to count this one as “phoning it in.”

(Also, I blogged over at the naked place this morning, if you’re interested.)



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