Posted: June 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

the God that i serve is
extravagant freedom
but many attach chains in His name

the Love that holds me is
conditionless, limitless
but many rewrite it like a contract

the Lord who leads me is
wild in His pursuit
but many picture Him cold and aloof

the One who made me is
vastly creative
but many insist He only colors inside the lines

the Speaker of all creation
never changes
but many paint His moods as shifting

the Savior who has rescued me has
an impossibly delicate touch
but many tread with brutal boots in His name

the promise He extends to me is
only His to give, to purchase
but many insist we must earn it

the all-powerful Father is
vast, mysterious beyond fully knowing
but many boil Him down to bullet points in a box

the more i know Him
the more i must open wide, wider, widest
to take Him in

the more many know Him
the more confining their dim world becomes

teach me, Beloved, how to turn on the light for them

karen swank


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