a cautionary penguin tale

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

My lovely daughter Julia has requested a penguin story.  (Julia, you are NOT ALLOWED to read this story to Eliana!)  Yes, I am laughing…so sue me….


Once upon a time there was a perky little penguin named Petey.  Petey was perky afternoons.  Petey was perky in the evenings.  But most of all, Petey was perky in the mornings. 

Perky, perky, perky. 

Petey sang perky songs.  Petey told perky stories.  Petey spoke in a bright, perky voice.  Petey danced perky little dances while whistling perky little tunes.  Petey always had a perky little lesson to share, no matter what happened. 

Petey was very, very perky.

Perky, perky, perky.

Solomon the Seal was NOT perky.  Solomon was solemn.  Solomon was somber.  Solomon was always sober-minded.  Solomon was somnolent.  Solomon was serious.  Serious in the afternoons.  Serious in the evenings.  But most of all, Solomon was serious in the mornings.

Solomon did not enjoy being Petey’s neighbor.  “Too much perkiness!” he roared with his great roar.  He slapped the ice thunderously as Petey pranced perkily around.  “Too much perkiness in the morning!”

Petey paid no mind to Solomon’s slapping.  Perkily he pranced.  Perkily he sang  Perkily he made up funny stories. 

Solomon scowled.  Petey popped up and down, up and down, up and down as as he peeped a perky tune. 

Up, down.  Up, down.  Up, down.


Solomon smiled.  Solomon slept.  Solomon soaked up the beautiful morning silence.

The end.


(For more serious content, there’s new stuff over at the naked blog.)


  1. laurie says:

    !!!!! Karen!!!!

  2. Cindy Maynard says:

    That was a good story…….maybe if I share it with my grandsons I would need to change the ending, but a good story nonetheless! moral of that story: be careful of who you are perky around 😉

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